What you can do with avocado

Did you know that avocado seed is the perfect complement to massage your legs? Combat cellulite and thanks to its oils moisturizes the skin and prevents stretch marks
Todo lo que puedes hacer con un aguacate
The avocado is a delicious and very nutritious fruit that should not be missing in our food, because their nutritional values are very complete and tend to like the entire family.
In addition to original ideas of how we can consume it, in this article we give you other options for getting the most. You will learn to use your shell and even his bone to several remedies beauty as exfoliate your skin and massage your skin and fight cellulite. Discover them!

The avocado in the kitchen

The creamy texture of avocado, thanks to its high content of healthy fats, offers many options in the kitchen. One of them is the famous guacamole, but if we don't have time just well crush the guacamole and add a little well fine chopped garlic, olive oil and salt. This plant butter is ideal to spread on toast and gives us the possibility of making a very healthy and nutritious breakfast.
That same creamy texture is what makes us make pates, crushing or beating the avocado with other ingredients such as olives, cheese, tuna, shrimp, herbs, etc.
In addition, the guacamole is ideal for making shakes sweets, since it contributes the creamy texture which gives the cream in other cases. So we can beat it along with banana and pear, for example, and have a delicious smoothie.
Finally, we must know that the bone or the avocado seed hides many properties. 70% of the amino acids contained in this fruit are precisely in the seed and also contains more soluble fiber than any other food. To use it we rallaremos it and tostaremos a low heat, then prepare it in infusion or add it as a condiment to our dishes. We do not recommend its consumption to people suffering from constipation, since it has astringent effects.
We must know that the avocado is also a fruit very rich in protein, so it is essential in the diets of those vegetarians or that they consume little animal protein. Only overweight people should avoid eating it in large quantities.
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Exfoliating to purify the skin

Once every 10 or 15 days should exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and improve your feedback, thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles and improving texture and firmness of the skin.
With the inside skin of the avocado, which is slightly rough, We can exfoliate our skin in the most simple and natural way. Previously we wash ourselves well face with warm water and then start to exfoliate it making circles with shell on our skin.
As the skin is a very delicate area, will always do it with softness and in the form of circles, avoiding the contour of eyes and possibly injury or very inflamed pimples.
At the end we will leave the remains of avocado to act a few minutes and wash the face with water well. If you have very dry skin we can make us then a nutritious avocado mask.
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Mask to brighten our skin

The avocado is a fruit rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that enrich the texture of our skin, and that's why, in addition to consuming it can prepare a very nourishing mask for the skin , that will provide us hydration and luminosity to the skin.
To prepare it we machacaremos medium avocado with a fork until a well homogeneous texture. We will apply it directly on the face and leave it to act until we notice that it has dried, to then rinse with water.
If we also want we can mix avocado with other very nutritious for our skin ingredients, such as honey, yeast, oat powder or yogurt.

The seed to massage the legs

The avocado seed is used in many countries to massage the legs, especially thighs and buttocks, and thus combat cellulite and orange skin by eliminating fat deposits. Seeds are releasing avocado oils while hard massage, which helps to also moisturize the skin and to prevent stretch marks. In this way, the avocado seed is much better and more natural than any device to massage the legs.
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