What to do to keep the family together

Qué hacer para mantener a la familia unida
The family is the Foundation of our society where each of us grow and we are like people in many ways of life; However to keep family ties strong and United is a somewhat complicated task where commitment, respect and love play a very important role.
Nowadays many things seem to be more important than the family and eventually we will giving us notice that the values are losing and the union family fades by full. Global trends, technology and the ways in how society is adapting to the modern world are major cause of family disunity.
Considering that the family is the most important institution in the lives of everyone, today we are going to leave some tips that you may serve to keep the union in your family.

Tips for family union

To be happy and enjoy the coexistence in the family it is important to take into account certain values that will ensure happiness and marriage with each of the members of the family, patience, understanding and commitment are key part of good family bonding.

Know how to listen

Familie aus Knete
Listening is very important part of all kinds of relationship primarily talking about the family. When we attend to what they tell us our loved ones we can realize those details that dislike you, things that feel curiosity, their fears , and the vision they have of us. Is very important to listen looking into eyes, giving the necessary importance and responding with arguments in everything what they tell us.

Learn how to give the word

Like say, claim to us and talk with our family, however in many cases is difficult to give the word to others and accept their opinions. As human beings and as family must learn to respect the word of others to learn more about their points of view and the way in how they see things. Everyone is entitled to express themselves and be heard in due course regardless of whether or not it is right.

Taking the floor at the right time

When there are discussions or family problems almost always let us carry the impulses and rage of the moment, and we get to express ourselves in an offensive manner and without hearing the arguments of others. Sometimes we take wrong word and use it to discuss way to hasty and altered, this problem It can end up disengaging to the family and may subsequently cause regrets.

Set limits

One of the ways to achieve positive cohabitation and family balance, is placing limits that everyone should respect. It is not ban everything and set up a military regime, it is putting certain rules that teach to respect and to grow as people always in family union. When we have children it is important to set limits that ensure your safety and your growth as a person, at this stage of plays a very important role in their learning and their values.

Have patience

Family differences should always be treated with tolerance and patience. Many people tend to be altered with great ease and this may be an error fatal in the family; patience is the key to a good relationship, understanding, communication and respect. Each day the family puts us many tests to grow and measure our patience, as adults we must teach our children this great value and apply it to give greater confidence among all.

Make family activities

There are many excuses to unite the family and spend a good time sharing together unique and very funny moments for all. As family must also leave the monotony and look very happy moments where we express as we like and learn from each other.
Exercise, sports, leave travel, cooking, watching movies, celebrate a special date; they are some of the activities that we can practice with the family.

Respect the tastes and spaces of each

As a family we can be a single core, but we must bear in mind that as we grow we are as people in an individual manner after discovering our tastes, interests and passions. It is very important to learn to tolerate the personalities of each and respect all kinds of taste, each has the right to enjoy your space and your preferences provided you do so in a healthy manner where it is not involving the family.

Recognize errors

All as people are exposed to mistakes at any time and in all kinds of relationships. The family is very important to learn to recognize an error and we face when we are aware that we have done something wrong; the family will have to listen to, tolerate, have patience and give advice so that the error is not again to commit.
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