Walking and weight loss: what is the correct way of doing it?

Caminar y perder peso: ¿Cuál es el modo correcto de hacerlo?
In our space, you have spoken many times of the great benefits of walking for your health. It improves the mood, relieves tensions, reduces high blood pressure... Few exercises are so beneficial to our body like going out to walk daily.
However, do we really lose some kilos with the simple act of leaving home and start to walk? It is possible for yourself to take time doing it without noticing too many results in your silhouette, without get, for example, to reach that size you want both. Do you're probably doing something wrong?
Don't worry, take note of the following tips to get you to lose weight while you walk. It's easier than you think!

1 walking for weight loss: do really I can get it?

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Of course, it can be achieved. As we already know, any physical activity that requires some effort and be consistent will make our metabolism is activated, that place is running our heart and that, consequently, we are burning fat.
  • Walking is great for burning those calories consume more and which are converted into carbohydrates and fat reserve.
  • The simple exercise of walking every day and at an appropriate pace will causing an increase in muscle mass and fat reserve is reduced. More muscle less fat and, consequently, greater health.
  • Walking regularly increases the basal metabolic rate and helps us to burn fat, but you should also remember that we will achieve all these benefits if we also take care of our food and we restrict the high consumption of fat, refined white flour, industrial food, sweets and sugary drinks... It is, simply, more healthy life habits.

2 what factors I have in mind for to lose weight while I'm?

1. how long should I walk?

Ideally to see obvious results already in the first two months is to walk for half an hour twice a day, morning and afternoon, every day.
Make two daily sessions is already a very proper exercise to speed up the metabolism, helping to burn fat and gain muscle. If you just want to improve your health, your mood and the good condition of your vital functions, it is enough with walking half an hour a day. However, to lose kilos of more effectively, it will be necessary to advertise us two batches of walks per day when the Sun is not very intense.
Then make two holes in your diary!

2. how fast I walk?

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Quick step, normal is approximately 7 km/h, which would be within walking distance, more or less, make a kilometer every 10 or 15 minutes. If you manage to maintain this rhythm you get to burn fat more effectively. And it is not too hard!
The reason for this is that, when our hearts work between 60% and 70% of its frequency, the Agency already catches fat reserves, stored energy that we need to eliminate and that us is useless (just so there are no jeans fit us). So, remember: you have to travel 1 km every 10 or 15 minutes. That is your goal!

3 take care of your steps

It is important to have in mind the way you are going. Takes note of these issues:
  • Is not to long strides to take before that kilometer every 10 minutes. It's go faster.
  • Cares also for the movement of your ankles. Take a look at the time that your heel touches the ground: the ankle should be flexed at an angle of about 45 °. Neither more nor less. Otherwise, you might have problems in any area of the foot.
  • Relax shoulders. Not carry them voltage.
  • Attempts to walking does not wobble your head. Otherwise, you'll end up with neck pain or you can even feel dizzy. You should keep it in a neutral position, or raised, or lowered. Also remember that, while you walk, your eyes must be placed at a distance of about 6 meters ahead of you. This will make, at the same time, to maintain a natural position of your head and not feel overloads in the neck.
  • Takes care of your hips or your pelvis to not hang very charged way or also they will overload and you will suffer pain. Attempts that all movement in your body is soft, fluid and natural. You should not notice any discomfort or pressure.
  • And what do we do with the arms? Many people do not know very well how to place them as they walk, if you leave them straight or flexed. What then is the best choice? Bent, of course, and to about 90 °. While you walk, it is important to move with you in a natural way and without too much away from your body. It's follow a very simple rhythm: the left arm moves while the right foot and the opposite.
  • Remember that you must not close the fists of the hands while you walk, since this could interfere with the movement of your arms. Keep your hand relaxed.

4 choose a good scenario to go

It would be advisable that you not eligieras an area filled with stones or gravel to walk. You can take a bad step and suffering a hip injury or a simple sprain. It is more appropriate to walk by a surface flat or any area enabled to do so which is usually in parks or cities.
It is also important that you choose a comfortable and tightly closed, footwear that protects you the foot of any impact. Remember to wear comfortable clothes that you do not tighten in any area.
As a final recommendation, let know you that, if you're that usually bring their music to walk, you must be very careful. Headphones us away from reality and cause numerous accidents and abuses. Go with caution!
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