Treatments for back pain

Tratamientos para el dolor de espalda
Everyone at some point we have suffered from a troublesome back pain, the most normal thing is that hopefully a will pass by itself only, but we can do some exercises that will help us to remove it. Obviously, If the pain is very strong and constant, it is necessary that you go to the doctor so send you treatments and prescribe you medication.
Back pain can be caused by many things, such as osteoarthritis, twisted muscles or simply bad position that sometimes we take with our body. As we have already said, there are situations in which only needs exercise to restore the health of the back. Then we'll show you some of them:

Massage on the affected place

espalda belleza
Massage can alleviate back pain, usually these headaches occur because muscles are injured, making sure they are tight and there is where the discomfort arises. Grab a moisturizer and massage in circles in the affected area, if you do not reach ask favor some loved it, the idea is that with this massage will release the pressure in the tense muscles, causing them to relax and you feel better.

Drink plenty of water

It is important that you carbohydrates your body with at least 8-10 glasses of water a day, so that your muscles to relax through nerve impulses.


Activities such as the swimming and walking stretch your body, relax tense muscles relieving the discomfort in the joints. Before you begin exercising gradually stretch, starts soft and with the passage of time you're accelerating so that you do not push you to your body from the start and the relaxation of the muscles emerge gently.

It uses the heat

One of the most common and recommended for headaches remedies not only back but in general for the body is to get heat in the affected area, either a hot water bottle or a heating blanket, this will help to soothe the pain and give you a feeling of relaxation.


Use a bag of ice or a cold gel pack, this is recommended for undermine inflammation. Let stand this bag for about 20 minutes, if you don't feel that the pain is going or inflammation leave it any longer.

Prevention above all

So don't feel back pain but get had a very busy day or you are going through a period of stress and uneasiness, you take into account some details so that no opportunity to affect your back. For example, every time you go to pick up some heavy object bends the knees, so the effort in general do it with full-body and does not require a greater effort to column; If your job requires you to be in a single position throughout the day is occasionally stretch the muscles to have movement and circulate the blood more fluently.


You can fight back with stretching pain. Lie down in bed mouth up and raises the knees towards the chest, so stay for about 2 seconds, returns to previous position and rests. Repeat until you feel that the pain is diminishing.

Practice meditation

Activities such as yoga can relieve headaches naturally, oxygen into your muscles makes you relax and feel much better.

He rests

Exercise is very important to relieve back pain, but also on bedrest is it, since you must rest some days to not demand greater effort to the affected area, as well the time will allow you to reduce inflammation and heal naturally.

Teas that help eliminate back pain

  • Boil 2 tablespoons of Sage in a liter of water leaves for 15 minutes removed from the fire passes through the strainer, and drink it after each meal.
  • Boiling a spoonful of Artemis in a liter of water, removed the fire and let it cool a little. Don't cool down much and apply it on the affected area with a cloth.
Don't forget that you must visit your doctor if the pain is persistent, over all when you feel tingly feeling repetitive, intense pain that is not relieved by more exercises or painkillers you take, difficulty urinating, weakness, leg pain, fever, and excessive weight loss.
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