Tips to control bad breath

Besides being good for your body in general, water helps to produce more saliva, which eliminates the odor-causing bacteria
Tips para controlar el mal aliento
Did you know that more than half of the people in the world suffer from a disease called halitosis? Then Yes! Halitosis is one of the most common and uncomfortable conditions, but in fact easy to combat.
In the majority of cases is enough to have perfect oral hygiene, since this is decisive at the time of having or not having bad breath. While in others this condition occurs due to bad habits that implement in their daily lives. For example, a person who usually smoke, will be directly exposed to that your breath is brokered by the smell of tobacco, a smell that certainly is unpleasant for most people. There are also foods that produce unpleasant breath, for example, those who have strong smell or taste, such as onion, garlic or vinegar, among others.
Another of the causes that generate bad breath is little saliva production, since this makes the mouth from drying out and an unpleasant smell is generated. And finally the diets low in carbohydrates.
Then we will share with you some basic and easy to end bad breath tips, but it is important to know that if you have bad habits, some like that you mentioned before, nothing will help you get your remedies to remove bad breath, so it is best you start to replace the bad habits for good habits.

Clean your mouth well


To start you must be clear that the majority of people with halitosis usually disappears entirely when a proper oral hygiene is practiced. In other words, good brushing of teeth, cheeks, gums and tongue, which has been preceded in the use of dental floss. If it is possible, after brushing uses a bocal rinse, this will help to keep you refreshed and with a much longer lasting pleasant breath.

Avoid strong smelling foods

To the maximum extent possible avoid foods that can cause a smell little pleasant in your mouth. The best known are the onion and garlic, but people in which the consumption of other foods such as el pickle, cabbage and coffee, will produce a strong bad breath. So if possible, better to avoid them, everything is by having a fresher breath and halitosis -ending.

Consume citrus fruits

citricos veronicasheppard

Seeks to consume more foods that trigger the production of saliva. This will make your mouth is much more moist and it is difficult that it acquires halitosis. For example, citrus foods such as Orange, grapefruit, lemon and Tangerine are very good to increase the production of the liquid. Likewise, try to avoid the consumption of dry food, such as biscuits, toast or nuts, since they easily adhere to the palate, which will make start to produce a bad smell after a while living well. If you're going to consume, then attempts to brush in a general way as soon as possible.

Consume plenty of water

Constant consumption water also help to keep a fresh breath, because this liquid helps to increase the production of saliva, will deleting in high amounts bacteria or infection in your mouth from different factors.
Finally, we hope that what we have shared in this article with you is helpful and allow you to remove all your problem of halitosis, if you suffer from it, or to recommend it to someone that you feel you need it. Remember to importance of maintaining proper hygiene, not just in your mouth, but also is all and each one of the parts of your body, always reflects who you are.
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