The technique of frozen lemon

La técnica del limón congelado

If you are that it uses to the latest of each element in the kitchen, then, you must learn the frozen lemon therapy. It is recommended by many nutritionists and chefs in restaurants, where nothing is wasted.

How to use the full lemon?

So you can take full advantage of this wonderful fruit, just to comply with the following steps:

1-wash the lemon

2-place it in the refrigerator

3 - remove it when it is well frozen

4 - use the grater to grate the lemon, without peeling it

5 - ready to eat

Where can I use frozen lemon zest?

The technique of frozen lemon can be used in various preparations, such as wines, juices, salads, soups, ice cream, rice, sauces, sushi, tea, cold drinks, ice water, cakes, drinks with alcohol, etc. Everyone will have a special flavor and you can also enjoy all the benefits of lemon.

Without a doubt, this element is one of the most used in cuisine, either sweet or savory dishes. Lemon can be used for any occasion and time of year. If you think that you do not like your taste, try it with a little sugar in a glass of water or dissolved in any sauce or salad. You will be surprised of its wonderful effect adstingente and bitter at the same time.

The technique of frozen lemon: take advantage of all the nutrients

The lemon peel has 5 to 10 times more vitamin C than the juice. Think of everything you've been missing so far! In addition, the shells help eradicate toxic elements from the body, being an ideal complement for any diet to lose weight or deflate.

It is also known that full lemon has interesting virtues to treat cysts and tumors, as well as it is also a wonderful antimicrobial, ideal for infections and antifungal, to cure fungi. It is also effective against intestinal parasites, as well as to regulate blood pressure.

According to some research, the lemon helps in the fight against cancer, because it kills the cells of up to 12 types of this disease.

Undoubtedly, the technique of frozen lemon will provide all the nutrients that until now you were not taking advantage of, and at the same time, achieve your meals and preparations to have a unique and different taste.

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