The risk of skipping meals with the idea of losing weight

El riesgo de saltarse comidas con la idea de perder peso
We admit it: all we have done ever. We want to lose a few pounds and, suddenly, we think that you to get it more quickly, we can leave dinner, for example, or even leave home without breakfast. If this is your case, should not miss this information, there where you will clarify why it is not healthy to skip meals and why you will not help at all to lose weight.

Skipping meals: danger 1

The human body needs between 5 and 6 meals a day. It is possible to think that this is much, but the main secret to enjoy good health and a figure without excess weight is to eat 'little while' many times a day. If what we do is "a lot" to eat twice a day, for example, we are hurting ourselves.
The No. 1 risk is the rise of insulin. It is important to remember that, at the time in which we are 3 hours without eating, insulin index goes up, therefore, hunger will be greater and we will need more food to satisfy us.

Skipping meals: danger 2

Comerse las uñas
When our body senses that we have spent 4 hours without eating, it is on alert. Many people think that when we are a few hours without eating, the body "strip of fat reserves" but, in reality, this is not true. What it does, in the first place is to feed muscle cells, ligament, cartilage...
Do you have noticed, for example, how you hurt arms and legs those days where you just have eaten? This is the reason why we feel cramps, headaches... Our body, perceiving that it does not receive "energy" does precisely what book fats and, in addition, our metabolism becomes slow.
Thus, if we take the habit of leaving dinner, come a time will come to consume part of the fatdeposit, no doubt, but what will happen soon is that we will suffer the rebound effect, i.e. we'll weight faster and the accumulation of lipids will be much greater. Not worth!

Skipping meals: danger 3

Dolor de cabeza
Not to eat, leave home without breakfast or to arrive overnight and opt for dinner is not the worst decision we can take. Our body has no power and weakens slowly, thus, is very possible that out of House you suffer one day a drop in voltage and you be dismayed.
You will have major headaches and worse make digestion because what will happen is that few foods that we make a day will be based on large amounts of food, that we devoraremos quickly and very hungry.
All will result in multiple health problems. So, if you want to lose weight, do so "with a head", with balance and remembering that your well-being comes first.

What is the best diet to lose weight? Keep in mind these 10 rules

1. a good diet is one that allows you to lose pounds without losing health.
2. in order to implement a good slimming diet, you should eat 6 times a day. He is eating six times throughout the day, at the same time, you always have to respect and comply with fair amounts. The body needs regular patterns and habits.
3. a good diet should not change your mood. In the moment in which you notes down or angry or sad, it is necessary that you talk with your doctor or a nutritionist, since it is likely to have a deficit of minerals or vitamins that are affecting your emotions.
4. in a good diet never miss a good breakfast. The dinner will always be light and two hours before going to sleep.
5. it is essential to combine a good diet with exercise or moderate physical activity. He is not go every day to the gym for two hours: just to keep you active, with exit to walk an hour a day and aware that physical inactivity is an enemy to your health.
6. on a diet to lose weight, never shortage of healthy fatty acids, such as those coming from olive oil, salmon, oily fish or Avocados.
7. in your diet can not miss those foods that will help you to feel enough and, at the same time, they will speed up your metabolism would like to know what?
  • The eggs.
  • Green tea.
  • The oats.
  • The Green Apple.
  • Ginger.
  • The peppers.
  • The artichokes.
  • The Bluefish.
  • The brown rice.
  • Chili and cayenne pepper.
  • The broccoli.
  • The spinach.
  • The lemon.
8. on a good diet they should forget the refined flour, sugar, salt, prefab food and sweets.
9. never forget that in a healthy and proper diet it is important to drink two litres of water a day.
10. a good diet you will never do that you lose many kilos of the overnight, they should do it slowly, feeling well and in good health. The perfect diet is that you can integrate with normalcy in your life, to feel good with yourself while I suppose you a great sacrifice.
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