The benefits of red fruits

Los grandes beneficios de los frutos rojos
They have not only an attractive color, shape and taste, red fruits rise as excellent allies for health. Currants, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, plums... small treasures assorted vitamins, flavonoids, minerals and large phytochemicals, whose antioxidant function can do mighty miracles for your health. You like to get to know them a little better?

Main properties of red fruits

Frutos rojos
  • The majority of experts recognized that eat fruit highly colored as red fruits, can significantly improve our health. They have a lot of flavonides, large antoxidantes contained in these small fruits so tasty
  • A curiosity, the more intense the color of the fruit, the greater its nutritional value. Thus, when we see a bright red fruit, we will know that it has a high intensity of antioxidants, such as the anthocyanins. Remember it!
  • Thanks to its high composition in atioxidantes, the berries help us to reduce cholesterol, take care of our cardiovascular health and in particular to fight against free radicals, those that lead to Cellular Aging and elements that make us weak against possible incidents of the cancer.
  • Its basic components-based anthocyanins have shown to be very active front cardiovascular diseases, or for example Alzheimer's or diabetes.
  • The berries are also very suitable for treating arthritis, and lower inflammation.

Should I consume to benefit me the red fruit what amounts?

frutos rojos
We know that the so-called fruits red or fruits of the forest, are not easily accessible in all parts of the world and in all seasons. That is why I recommend that, If you have the possibility of acquiring them, don't miss the opportunity.
Nutritionists point us to that do not fall into the mistake of eating only berries exclusively to take advantage of its benefits. At all. What is recommended is a varied and balanced, there diet continue where having protein, fiber, carbohydrates carbon.... Ideally, eating a bowl of berries a day. Perfect for example start with a cup of cereal with a three mills, five or six currants and a red plum. At noon you can for example get a salad where to include media such as granada, and in the afternoon, a natural juice. If you include them in your diet every day, you will notice the effects of their properties.

Benefits of the main red fruits


Copa de fresas
What if average we then prepare a Strawberry Smoothie? Rich in vitamins E, C, B and K are, beta carotene, folate, potassium and fiber. His touch slightly acid is undoubtedly one of its major properties to fight against infections and to the attack of free radicals. Fighting high pressure and uric acid. And data to consider: is the fruit that has more antioxidant power.

Black currants

They are not year-round, and depending on the country in which you find yourself, they can be more expensive than usual. But it will surprise you to know that they have of more amount of vitamin C than the Orange. And the most important thing we must remember: drink your juice improves the functionality of the blood vessels and vascular system. Perfect for after the main meal.


Who does not can be like? Rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, folate, fiber and flavonoids... His main ability is his great contribution in fiber, perfect for example for our digestion and prevent constipation. It also has calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium... would like to know something more? It protects us against menstrual cramps.


There are many studies that speak of the Faculty of the cherries to reduce uric acid and reduce the joint pain. It has a great contribution of beta-carotene, vitamin C, they are diuretic and have a good supply of potassium. What if we include them daily to our diet?

Red Plum

If we take them dry, will be a great remedy to cure our constipation. This tasty fruit that we love jam both naturally, has vitamin C, E, and wonderful antioxidants.


They are delicious, perfect to garnish breakfasts and a lot of our dishes. Help us to reduce bad cholesterol care of our teeth and gums, are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E... we can eat them raw or cooked, use them as a garnish, or simply by a tasty jam on our toast.
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