Seeds of flax against constipation

We must get used to the consumption of flaxseed, and not only use it in cases of urgency, to avoid diseases and make our body work
Semillas de lino contra el estre├▒imiento
While the main cause of constipation in your body is by the small amount of fiber you eat, it is important to know that there are different factors that influence also have a poor performance when it comes to evacuate. Some of these may be travel, changes of schedules, stress, changes in routines etc. but we want you to know that you can improve your bowel in an easy and natural way mobility which will cause your body is not affected by the use of any artificial laxatives.
The secret of the flax seeds are so recommended to treat constipation, is because it contains high amounts of mucilage, what come to be soluble fibers . When flax seeds come in contact with water release such mucilage, which makes the surrounding liquid acquire a thicker characteristic.

semilla-lino-linaza-marronIts use in the treatment of constipation

That's why one of the most recommended to consume the seeds in order to relieve constipation is by dipping a considerable amount of seeds in a glass with water overnight, and the next day you should drink in seeds and water fasting.
If you are going to perform this procedure and you think very unpleasant texture that has acquired the water (becomes dense) we recommend that you take the seeds and mix them with: milk, various fruit juices, yogurt or even salads, this will make it easier to consume them, due to the rich flavor of the food with which you wish to mix it. This Jack you will be great, since it is in this process in which the mucilage in the aqueous environment of the intestine will also release.

How the mucilage?

The mucilage form a sort of paste which an effect of evacuation with Lee, what does speed up your drag by the intestine. This evacuation process is what leads to the consumption of flax seed is so different to consume any kind of laxative, since the latter makes the body is accustomed and somehow an addiction toward laxatives is generated to be able to evacuate in a natural way.
As if it wasn't enough, soluble fibers from the seeds are able to retain the toxins in the body and shed with feces much until they are absorbed by the bowel.
Equally, these seeds contain various components beneficial for optimal operation of your health, some of those are alpha-linolenic acid which is a fatty acid that belongs to the Group of omega-3 acids, resulting in your body into a reduction of bad cholesterol, and as if all this out, these seeds also contain anti-inflammatory properties , such as: Luteolin or oleic acid.

The seeds of flax against cancer

Cancer de mama
Flax seeds and its infinite properties can also contribute to have less likely to develop any type of cancer. Especially the colon and breast cancer. Also free are consumed on a regular basis, will help to heal any kind of inflammatory disease, thanks to its high level of omega-3 fatty oils. Also will help you to have a better performance in your digestive apparatus, even in your urinary tract and respiratory tract.
In conclusion we can say that flax seeds are placed as one of the products with more properties curative and preventive of different types of diseases. She is important to consume it regularly, and not only in times of emergency, remember that your body and your body working on gear, and each of the parties must be in top shape so are not seriously compromised any of the functions of your body.
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