The benefits of the diet anti-stress

Los beneficios de la dieta anti-estrés
Occasionally, our daily obligations, our problems and concerns, make that end up changing our food. This is more the accumulation of toxins derived from stress, makes our health begins to suffer. We offer you the necessary guidelines so you benefit from the so-called diet anti-stress, essential to purify your body and regain balance.
Usually, stress, is generating serious reactions that we have to take into account in our organism: coronary problems, changes in weight, low self-esteem, fatigue, weakness... Where currently you are experiencing this situation, it would be indispensable to start to introduce the tips that are going to reflect in your life. With it, also will be able to adjust your weight.

Anti-stress diet tips to carry out

1 think it is important

When you are living a situation of this nature, you must look first and foremost for yourself and your health. It is clear that we all meet, both occupational and family obligations. But we must also know how to listen to ourselves. If you get home exhausted, never eat the first thing that you see in the fridge, or eat to satisfy your anxiety. Sometimes turn to sweets, to industrial to find meals immediate pleasure. It is an error. I think what is important, and no doubt, maintain a diet healthy and balanced is essential.

2. a varied diet with essential components

zumo de zanahoria remolacha fresaynaranja
If you think that you are climbing much weight and if you are one of those people who, stress makes them take kilos, thinks that it is essential first of all your health. Never resort to diets miracle diets that force us to eat very little to the day or a type of exclusive food for a week. They are very dangerous diets. Most importantly, bring a varied nutrition, where always be included the following elements: vitamin A, present in tomatoes, spinach and carrots, vitamin E, which is nuts, vegetable oils, Avocados... Basic to combat free radicals. Vitamin C is also decisive in cases of stress, since it counteracts it. So it includes the morning orange or lemon juice. Mg, on the other hand, is essential to take care of our immune system in these cases of anxiety and stress.

3 controlling the most dangerous indicators

When pass through States of anxiety and stress, essential is that every so often we move controls to check our blood pressure, our cholesterol, glucose.. .at the moment that there is an imbalance will begin to arise serious problems that can harm us. We must remember that stress is not a harmless State, can bring consequences.

4. power and relaxation

Pera corazonCereals, pasta, brown rice are foods that provide us with energy, and most importantly, are slow-burning. This means that they leave us satisfied for longer. Sweet food or industrial are fast burn, enhance stress and let us at the same time a satisfaction that lasts very little and, what is worse, we produce more anxiety.
In addition to energy, we must also have means to get relief and relaxation. Infusions are an excellent option that you can not miss. Chamomile, Valerian, melissa... they are very successful when we are going through these States.

Examples of diet anti-stress


Naranja-Vitamina C
  • Juice of Orange and a toast with honey juice
  • Nonfat yogurt with five strawberries
  • Green tea with two nuts and a plum
  • An Apple and a comprehensive toast with olive oil
  • A cup of oatmeal and a kiwi


Ensaladas sencillas y saludables para una alimentacion sana
  • Spinach Salad with two nuts and chunks of pineapple - an eggplant in the oven
  • Salad of watercress, lettuce and avocado half - baked sea bass
  • Brown rice with watercress and tuna - tomato salad

Mid afternoon

  • Apple juice
  • A glass of soy or oat
  • A toasted integral with olive oil
  • Infusion of Chamomile
  • A PEAR into small pieces with a bit of lemon juice


  • Soup of carrots-a boiled beetroot with a little bit of salt - a toast with olive-Infusion of melissa oil
  • Broccoli, boiled with chicken breast baked steamed with lemon-Chamomile Infusion
  • Pumpkin soup, a pepper baked with chunks of garlic-lime and mint tea
  • Artichokes, boiled with a little lemon and vinegar - half beet with a carrot juice - infusion of melissa n
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