The 5 best natural drinks for women

Red wine has anti-oxidant properties, thanks to its content of resveratrol, and protects us against premature aging. We recommend a drink a day
Las 5 mejores bebidas naturales para mujeres
There are a set of natural beverages that are excellent for us, women. Sometimes we need the energy, we have headaches, joint pain... realities that may be covered by a number of elements which make up for certain shortcomings. What if we take note of the following drinks and began to better care for our health?

1 oat milk and almond milk

All know that dairy products and especially cow's milk, are not very healthy. Its proteins and animal enzinas does not facilitate our digestions, and long term end up not being very beneficial despite its calcium content. Recently begin to be booming vegetable beverages, and between them we recommend two natural drinks in particular: the oat milk and almonds.

Benefits of the OAT milk

  • Is very easy to digest, it has a very suitable intake of soluble fiber, which avoids the annoying process of constipation, improving also the intestinal flora.
  • It provides satiety and is extremely suitable for weight loss.

Benefits of almond milk

  • It is ideal for lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, it gives us a good content of energy to start the day in the most natural way possible. It is very easy to digest, and has very good healthy fats for our organism.

2 Kale and pineapple Smoothie

Enzima piña
Have you heard once the great benefits of kale? It's one of the best natural drinks for women. Kale is a type of vegetable rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, is a type of original Kale of Asia, which began to spread in the American continent with great success. It also has very few calories, and it is also known for its properties to prevent cancer, thanks to a substance called suforatan, which protects our cells from harmful effects. How can stop it escaping?
If we combine it with pineapple stands as a drink more than ideal to start the day. So, if want to prepare it just need a fresh pineapple twist , four leaves of kale or Kale, a cup of cold milk of almonds, and a tablespoon of honey. Take it all to the mixer to get a uniform and attractive juice that you'll love to try.

3. Green tea

How, are that does not include a cup of green tea per day in their diet you? Then you are making a mistake. You can not miss the great properties of one of the best natural drinks. Green tea has minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, rising up as an excellent preventive for heart disease and stroke. Remember, there is nothing better than a Cup to media later.

4 flaxseed Smoothie

Flax seeds are in fashion. Sure you have heard of them and that is very difficult to find them in any natural store or herbalist. It is a dietary supplement rich in minerals and vitamins, which you can include in your meals by way of dressing on your salad daily for example, and how, very suitable, mixing them in delicious fruit smoothies as the photography. According to a study by the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, flax seeds will allow to strengthen cardiovascular health, preventing heart disease and Neurovascular accidents. Do not hesitate, it costs you nothing to prepare a shake with flax seeds daily.

5 fresh tomato juice

Jugo de tomate
Tasty, refreshing and nutritious, we love tomato juice. One of the best natural drinks for women that you should not miss the opportunity to include in your diet: tomatoes are rich in lycopene; an element that prevents the formation of cancer cells. And remember, it is also a great antioxidant that also prevents that we retain fluids in our body. Simply ideal.

6. a small glass of wine a day

vino tinto
Sure that you also knew. Take a small glass of wine a day is very beneficial for our health, but that Yes, care that is appropriate and good quality wine. The ideal amount is a glass a day, so if you wish you can get half cup at the lunch and the other half in your dinner. In this way, you will get a good supply of antioxidants to prevent cardiovascular diseases, and protect ourselves a little better of premature aging. So don't hesitate and enjoy this drink of the color of blood with so much historical and gastronomic tradition.
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