Natural remedies for hypothyroidism

Recomendaciones y remedios naturales para el hipotiroidismo
The thyroid gland is which is responsible for regulating metabolism, as for example, the digestion of food and nutrients, blood circulation, respiration, temperature regulation, bodyweight, among others.
Now, to speak of hypothyroidism is necessary that you understand who is da due to deficiency of the thyroid in the body, and its cause is commonly not secret a thyroid enough thyroxin, which they will regulate many processes both bodily and mental.
If still not been diagnosed you hypothyroidism, but you feel weakness, pallor, swelling in some parts of the body, excessive menstrual bleeding, falling hair, depression, constipation and hypertension, it is possible to suffer it. Also if you lead a life of stress, unbalanced in terms of power and mental sensations, you are exposed to diffusion in the thyroid.
To prevent or control the hypothyroidism must be clear that what is essential is to provide sufficient vitamins that your body needs, likewise the importance that has to lead stable lives, without many emotional changes, significant exercise routines and, of course, leaving aside those products that cause deficiency in the body, such as candy, soda alcohol, and tobacco; This, in a general way. However, then we will give you some tips that will help you prevent and treat hypothyroidism.

Sea food


Iodine It is an essential mineral for the body, and is mainly recommended to ensure a good hormonal activity. In this case, for hypothyroidism, we need to know that most iodine-rich foods are the sea, i.e., lI seafood, fish, shrimp, salmon and prawn among others. Try to include some of these species in your daily diet, some are more expensive than others, but try if you want to consume a little day by day.


There are vegetables and vegetables which are also an important part of this diet against hypothyroidism: onion, beet, spinach, cucumber, thanks to that are also rich in iodine and other vitamins which play a role of antibacterial in the body.


Oats also has a high iodine content, thanks to its high standard in fiber help regulate hormonal function, lower cholesterol, it gives a sense of strength and good mood.

Consumes Pennyroyal

This recipe is super simple. Place a sheet of Pennyroyal in a cup of water boiling spoon, add honey to give you a better taste and provide other nutrients to the drink. Take two cups a day.

Bark of oak and clay


This is a kind of cream that you must apply in your neck every day, the idea is that you leave it as much as you can. Hierves 2 tablespoons of bark of oak in a liter of water, adds clay until you get a homogenous paste.

Consume vitamin C and D

Hyperthyroidism can cause thinning bones, preventing this is recommended to consume foods with vitamin C and D as guava, red pepper, kiwi, parsley, Orange, papaya, strawberry, lemon, cauliflower, mango and broccoli.

St. John's wort


The St. John's wort is especially recommended to reduce depression and pessimism, as we have already said before, hyperthyroidism as well as produce deficiencies in the body also makes it in the nervous system and mind.


It is a seaweed that fight against the symptoms of hypothyroidism, consume it in the form of tea or infusion.

And don't forget to practice yoga!

The practice of yoga helps the body in many factors and especially resolves hormonal, helping irregularities to each of some organs of the body to perform positively, as well as keeping the mind healthy and balanced.


As it is the key that you attend your health care provider if you present the symptoms mentioned above, it can recommend a diet for you, since as all organisms do not respond in the same way. We hope that you have pleased these tips to prevent and cope with hypothyroidism.
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