Myths and truths of eating fruits regularly

Mitos y verdades de consumir frutas regularmente
With the passage of time and the beliefs that have for many years, the fruits have been considered very beneficial to health, but also converted into victims of many statements that are true does not in all cases. Currently, there are still many myths surrounding the consumption of fruits, however studies, technology and specialists have seen the truth about all these beliefs which we have from decades ago.
You should know that the fruits have many health properties and their consumption can be made according to the need of our body. Each fruit has a flavor, color and different properties; its high content of vitamins and minerals, make them be ideal for the proper functioning of our bodies.
Today I want to talk about the most common myths that exist about the consumption of fruit, prior to that we want to make clear the benefits of fruits for health.

Benefits and properties of fruits

It is important to clear all the benefits that the consumption of fruit for our health. Each fruit may have compounds and different benefits, but at a general level there are certain virtues that everyone can take advantage whenever we include them in our diet.
  • Consuming fruits daily helps regulate mineral balance of the organism, since which are source of mineral salts.
  • They are ideal to moisturize the body quickly and healthy because they have a high water content.
  • Eat fruits whole, raw and shell provide good fiber our body, helping to prolong the feeling of satiety and helping to regulate the intestinal operation.
  • They contain fatty acids very healthy and mostly do not provide a significant amount of fat.
  • They are a significant vitamin and mineral source ideal for helping the Agency in its functions, prevent diseases, maintaining healthy skin, among others.
  • Many fruits have high levels of vitamin C and thanks to this function as a good antioxidant for the organism.
After learning a little bit about the benefit of fruits for the organism, here are some of the common myths that exist about its consumption.

Myth 1: "eat fruits in fasting slim"

In this myth there is a reason and a both a lie; you need to know the order in which we eat the fruit will not alter their nutritional and energy contributions in our body. She is to say that if we eat a fruit on an empty stomach or a fruit after eating, their properties will be the same regardless of the time of day. But on the other hand, consume fruits in fasting can give us a feeling of fullness that will make us feel less hungry and eating less can be a great help to lose weight.

Myth 2: "fruits fattening because they are sweet"

When we consume fruits, it is very important to take into account the nutritional contributions that each of them. Each fruit has significant caloric differences and therefore depends on the fruit and the amount we consume daily. It is said that calories are that fat, but fruits are in minimum quantities.
You can choose to eat those fruits with low caloric level and/or consume all kinds of fruit in only 4 servings per day.

Myth 3: "when you diet to lose weight, fruit should not be consume dessert but in fasting"

So far have not given scientific reasons to verify this. The fruits have the same nutritional value at any time of the day and for this reason it is possible to eat dessert, breakfast, snack or to complement other foods.
What is recommended is to avoid high consumption of fruits such as bananas, figs and grapes, since they have more calories; However you must delete all of the diet since their properties are good for health. You can just simply consuming them moderately.

Myth 4: "eat fruits in fasting clean the body of toxins and fats"

The fruits are consumed at any time of the day in which provide many health benefits and this is the Elimination of toxins and fats. However found that consuming them in fasting pulls out them his full potential by detoxifying and cleansing qualities to act more easily and more effectively.

Myth 5: "people with diabetes can not eat sweet fruits"

Is true that some fruits are more "sugar" content than others, however there has been no scientific reason to say that people with diabetes do not consume them. According to studies, carbohydrates are those that raise the blood glucose level, these same carbohydrates Act depending on where you come from and the amount received with food.
In the case of sweet fruits for diabetics, a portion of 15 grams of carbohydrate is recommended. This means that if you eat a low carb fruit you can increase the amount if on the contrary you have more carbohydrates than it should, should be consumed in smaller amounts until you have the recommended portion.
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