Mint milkshake

Malteada de menta
For the seasons of heat nothing more delicious than a refreshing milkshake, especially when it is made from ingredients such as Mint. However, we didn't stop there, and taking advantage of that already with this recipe we break the diet, let's add a few delicious Oreo cookies to enhance its flavor.
Originating in the United States, the milkshakes are opened very fast way and are currently spread all over the world, even reaching households, being the perfect companion of foods like the burgers or sandwiches. So the shakes are here to stay. But you know what, If you're thirsty and you want to forget about diets, give you a little taste with this delicious milkshake.

Ingredients for the Mint milkshake

  • A cup and a half of mint ice cream
  • Oreo cookies
  • Cup and a half of milk
  • Whipped cream
  • A cup of gallor
helado oreo y menta


Take Oreo cookies and put them in a deep Bowl that you can crush them, no matter that they do not get well mashed, these will then go to the Blender, we do this only to facilitate the process.
Pon in the Blender crushed cookies, peppermint ice cream and ice milk. Now blend first at a medium speed and then upload it to a high speed, until all ingredients have been mixed and the ice is completely waste, resembling a frappe.
Now, empty the contents into a long glass and cover everything with cream chatilly, can add a cherry or sprinkle chocolate powder.
We recommend accompany this malted some cake, and is already, easier impossible.

Additional tips

  • It is not necessary, but since we are in this plan, you can use the mint ice cream that comes with chocolate sprinkles.
  • There are who enjoy adding this recipe sparks multicolored, although we believe it would be too much, so we leave it to your preference.
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