Meet 5 triggers of headaches

Conoce 5 disparadores de las cefaleas tensionales
Have who not had ever a tension headache? Us paralyzed with this enveloping, sometimes stinging, pain where there may also be dizziness. It is common that we resort to painkillers and the pharmacopoeia to alleviate the effects, but the experts tell us that we can prevent some of them knowing your triggers. So and if we take a look at this issue for the sake of our health?

Difference between headaches and migraines

The Datum is illustrative: according to the National Institute of neurological disorders and stroke (NINDS, its acronym in English) any of us can have a tension headache. Two of every three children have had a headache at age 15. And nine in adults will have a headache at some point in their life. Do you mean this? That all of us can suffer them and is possibly the most common reality that exists. Now, we must differentiate the migraine headaches. Migraines tshould almost always a hereditary component and is considered a disease that requires treatment and follow-up. The pain pursatil very strong on one side of the head, is where we suffer sensitivity to light, and where we need sleep to find relief.
Meanwhile, tension headaches, appear with pressure on both sides of the head, there is tension in the neck and the nape of the neck, and most of the time is associated with stress. But let's now their main triggers.

Triggers of headaches

1. physical effort

Insurance that ever has happened. Give yourself a good session of physical exercise, and arriving home with headache. Or sometimes, spend much time loading a weight, a bag and a suitcase... in the end all this effort that we submit our muscles translates into a stiffness in the neck and neck, and consequently, in a headache. Our circulation suffers an intensity in its performance that it is not normally used, and sometimes - but not always - means this annoying headache.

2 work many hours on the computer

You must remember, the light emitting electronic devices directly impact on our eyes, altering even our cycles of dreams. This type of artificial waves affect our heads when we are long time in front of the monitors or screens. You must remember this. And the last thing we should do is spend many hours working overnight, otherwise we will rise with a very annoying headache in the morning.

3 you properly manage your stress

We know it. We all have obligations to carried, pressures to which we are subjected and, at times, affect us to a greater or lesser degree. But since we can not escape these situations social and personal, If we learn to manage them a little better? Stress produces a number of very harmful toxins in our body, we are subjected to a skeletal and muscle tension that ends directly affecting the nerves of our brain, giving rise to tension-type headache. Try to find your times, your spaces, sets priorities, and always remember that your health is the first thing.
As curious information we will tell you that according to the Foundation's headache, is very common headache appears during the weekend. and how can be this? You may ask, are the days in which we work and yet there is. And is that dose attacks tend to occur mostly after a period of stress and when we started our relaxation time. Nerves relax, and this is when the pain is triggered. How to prevent it then? Every day. When you get home after work, or after a hard day at home, find time for you, takes a bath, rest, lie down on the couch, walk half an hour allowing who you air. If you're downloading tensions every day, accumulated stress levels will not be as high. Remember it!

4. careful what you eat

La migraña está relacionada con una intolerancia a la Histamina, presente en lácteos y cítricos.
Know that there are certain foods that can cause headache? Indeed, so is. And should not consume them in high quantities, and even remove it from our diet where you are very prone to headaches. So take note of these products to avoid: aged cheeses such as Roquefort, the Gorgonzolla, the Brie... Red wine (it contains the amino acid tyrosine, which increases blood circulation to the brain thus causing headache). Food with excessive dyes, like sweets, candies, pies... as well as all those products that contain MSG, a very dangerous element that leads to serious headaches, being more likely than other people.

5. hormonal changes

Te de jengibre
It's almost inevitable, women are subjected to constant hormonal changes due to our cycles, our menstruation, and also to the arrival of the menopause. These alterations always result in inevitable tension headaches. It is necessary that we are in control of these cycles anticipating the moment that will appear. Ovulation during the menstrual period... in these days we avoid taking candy, milk and coffee, elements that increase the disability from headaches. Resorts to infusions of ginger for example, Chamomile and Mint, melissa, to relaxing Lavender baths... simple remedies that can mitigate the incidence of annoying headaches in these periods.
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