Medallions of mint

Medallones de menta
Never before the Mint and chocolate knew better together. The medallions that we are going to prepare then are a delicious treat of mint covered with melted chocolate, striking both children and young adults.
The secret of the medallions of Mint is in the balance of flavours, where strong menthol is quickly neutralized by the chocolate. We teach you how to make this recipe and pamper everyone on your home:


  • 300 grams of fondant (pastry dough)
  • 250 grams of chocolate
  • Natural green food coloring
  • Mint essence
  • A teaspoon of butter


menta b2
You'll be amazed how simple that is this preparation compared to the elaborate that looks, especially if you're dexterous decorating baked goods.
Takes the 300 grams of fondant and cut into small chunks. In a separate pot, put to melt the butter to the bath Maria and added the pieces of fondant until a paste forms. Once you have the dough you can remove it from the heat and in the same pot, proceeds to mix it with the essence of peppermint and green coloring . Stir well, until all ingredients are incorporated evenly and color unify.
Now it is a tray with butter paper, and take small portions of pasta helping you with a spoon. Put each portion on the separate paper from the other, sprinkle with a little sugar, flatten it slightly and shape with your fingers the Medallion, then you must let it stand for at least 12 hours.
When missing about 15 minutes to complete 12 hours of rest from the pasta, takes the chocolate bar and make it melt to the water bath, you can add a little butter to make it much more loose. When it has melted, proceeds to dive medallions Mint Chocolate for 1 second, You can help you with any utensil to hold the Medallion.
Dried chocolate back in the tray and when it has hardened, ready to serve this candy, either as a table or as a way to pamper those who most want.

Additional tips

  • If you like dark chocolate without milk or sugar is ideal for this recipe, however, since many are not those who like them unsweetened chocolate, we suggest the confectioner's.
  • You can avoid the use of coloring, but will not give you the green tone that is usually associated with Mint, but don't worry, will not have any impact on the flavor.
  • When you are making pasta in lots, you can also use cutters or molds to give you different form to the medallions of Mint.
  • To avoid contamination of the paste while he rests, we recommend to cover the tray with plastic wrap.
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