Love and its importance for the health

El amor y su importancia para la salud
Love is an important and essential feeling that should be in our lives always and at any age, but is good to keep in mind that love not only shows you to the loved one, since we have many people dear to our around wanting to hear from our lips an I love you, these people are our parents, grandparents, siblings children and friends.
Love, that feel as you give to us, is an excellent therapy for our health. In all the moments of life we need love, our older adults and children are the people most affected are when lack them the love of his family and suffering from a great loneliness and helplessness. In such a way that at that stage of life, when they have already fulfilled their task of caring for their children and grandchildren, is when more accompanied should be and feel loved, never abandoned! Since this causes depression, and many of them die with a great sadness in his heart, something that is not right. As for children, is the most beautiful stage of life and also it requiring more care and love shows so they are some good feelings, happy and healthy adults, both physically and mentally.
Lack of love is the cause of suffering and emotional problems in many people regardless of their social status, age or race, but it is something to be learned to overcome, so look for love is a goal that all persons must be set. On this occasion we will help achieve this with some important tips to achieve that purpose.

Tips to love himself and others

  • The first step to search for love is to recognize that everyone at some point in our life we experience loneliness, this feeling exists around the world and not that is the reason why we are going to feel less than anyone else... Feeling and being alone doesn't make us more weak or less, must think it's something passed and that it will soon.
  • Secondly, you must learn to search company. It is not rare or frowned upon that if a loved, whether friend or family member, no longer haunt you or call to find out about you, that you decide a day, call him and tell him you miss him, you want to see it and spend more time together. That way that person realizes that it is important for you and will be more pending.
  • Don't you fear to know new people, looking for the way to make new friends, so you are going to experience new emotions that you will live many different things.
  • Another way of strengthening your life, your heart and your being is giving love to yourselftaking care of your health, doing physical exercise, doing activities that most please you. If plane do not have people in the family to your around who care about your well-being and are awaiting you and, in addition, are people who do not have many friends, then to dedicate your life to yourself... As I said, take care and be happy in your own way, don't stay locked up at home lamenting your loneliness, you can go shopping, to the movies, walk in a park, among many things more. There are activities that can be made without company and that may keep us cheerful and eager to live for many years more.
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