Learning to combat migraine

Aprendiendo a combatir la migraña
If you suffer from migraine you know perfectly what is to feel a throbbing headache so annoying that prevents that you meet your daily obligations, to the point of having to isolate yourself in your room, lights and noises that worsen your condition.
Migraine it is also known as migraine, because the pain usually prevail on one side of the head. Specialists claim that there is a strong hereditary component. A migraine crisis can last approximately between 4 and 72 hours.
Some people who suffer from it manifest that there are factors that trigger a crisis, although others may not see none.

In the event that there are certain factors might be:

  • Menstrual cycle, days before the menstrual period tends to be an opportune time for triggering migraine.
  • Power, certain foods can cause a crisis, as well as prolonged fasting.
  • Stress, anxiety and strong emotions are usually closely related to migraine. Some people have that once past the moment of anxiety or stress the pain and not precisely as are altered.
  • Another factor would be sleeping more or less hours of usual. External stimuli like specific scents can also trigger a crisis.
Today will talk about ways to combat the migraine. To avoid those days that you isolate yourself from everything and even Miss significant moments.
It is very important that you take into account the frequency of your crisis and to take awareness if any triggering factor was present. That way you can avoid them in an efficient way by subtracting the possibilities of an episode. Each person is unique, therefore, some factor can influence you negatively, while another subject you can not affect in the least.
If the crisis has already occurred, you will recommend natural alternatives so that you can mitigate the pain and return most soon to your normal activity.
Remember that If the discomfort does not disappear and instead become more intense, the best option is to consult a professional.

Natural remedies that help relieve a migraine crisis


Manzanilla (2)
Chamomile tea is well-known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Drink a tea of this herb that will surely help you get better.


Natural anti-inflammatory. We can enjoy its qualities sipping ginger tea or by adding it to our meals.

Apple Cider vinegar

Vinagre de manzana
This Marvel continues to surprise with more benefits. You can drink a glass of water with two tablespoons of the vinegar.


Relaxing baths

Immersion baths will help ease tensions of everyday life, these toilets can be accompanied by soft music to your liking and even scented candles or oils essential, provided that these aromas are not factors that trigger your migraines.


masaje facial
Of course attend a specialist who knows how to perform a correct sesi massages n can help relax tense muscles by States of nervousness and stress, both known to be triggers a migraine crisis situations. A good massage would also be beneficial during the crisis.

Relaxation techniques

Yoga helps to stabilize the body and mind. It is also to avoid triggers such as stress and States of tension.

Usual work

Simply walking can help clear your mind and eliminate stress, breathe fresh air and forget your worries at least for a moment. Blood circulation increases bringing needed oxygen to every corner, helping your whole body to work in harmony.
It is more than clear that life is full of good and bad moments. It is in each learn to live with them, without that evil us invade, because late or early will reflect our health.
Note: If you are consuming some type of medication consult first with your doctor before eating natural remedies. Some interactions may be counterproductive.
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