Kidney stones: what diet should I follow to avoid them?

Cálculos renales: ¿Qué dieta debo seguir para evitarlos?
All those who suffer from kidney stones, will certainly know the suffering that it entails, the urinary tract infections that originate. A reality that affects a significant part of the population and sometimes fills us with questions. What type of feed should I bring to prevent you from forming? What nutrition is most suitable in case of suffering from this problem? We explain what you then.

Diet for people suffering from kidney stones

Studies on nutrition associated with this type of kidney problems, we are told that a diet low in minerals, proteins, fats and sugars can help us both to prevent and to treat this problem and prevent relapse. But is worth mentioning an important aspect: is suitable to know what type of ore generates our kidney stones: calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, struvite stones or cystine , uric acid .. all this will help us define a little better what we consume and what is better to do without in our diet.
But anyway, we can follow large strokes very clear guidelines that will serve both to prevent kidney stones, as to mitigate its impact. See it.

1 increase your consumption of water and liquids

Without a doubt is the first thing that we have mentioned doctors and insurance that you already know. Drink between 8 and 12 cups of water a day, will allow us to go more often to the service, thus purging harmful substances. Cares above all the type of water you eat, look its composition to make it in general low in minerals. In general, milk, coffee or black tea n are highly recommended. Eat them sparingly.

2 remove the salt from your diet

An important aspect. You know that salt in general is not healthy for anyone, and more if you submit a kidney problem. Hinders the work of our kidneys, is not properly processed and brings many problems such as hypertension health. It dispenses with it, it is important to prevent and reduce the incidence of kidney stones.

3 limiting the consumption of sweets and refined flour

As you can see, and broadly speaking, are indications that we all know and we repeat often. But we must bear in mind that when we are suffering from a kidney problem, these problems become more serious. Sugar and foods made with refined flour consumption may further hinder the functionality of our kidneys, increasing the incidence of kidney stones. It is dangerous.

4. the risk of calcium oxalate

Studies tell us that many times, the kidney problems are genetic. If our parents have suffered kidney stones, there is a possibility of us suffer also. A way to avoid it is taking proper diet, with high water consumption. Important to also dispense with high consumption of foods rich in calcium oxalate, since the majority of kidney stones in the kidney, are usually formed by this mineral. As a recommendation you indicate for example that you seek a water that is richer in bicarbonate. And above all that does not have excessive calcium.
Although you must moderate consumption of calcium, we must not eliminate completely since otherwise, we run the risk of osteoporosis. So consumed regularly but without abusing some cheese, almonds, turnips, turnip... Tell you that it is better to avoid spinach, chard, beets, carrots, wheat germ, gelatin, chocolate, organ meats, seafood and instant soups... they are sources of oxalate and is very negative for kidney stones. If you have to eat them do so sparingly.

5 fruits rich in vitamin C

Cascara de naranja
More magnificent than one remedy that will serve as a great help. Ideal if you start the day with a lemon and orange juice. Include in your meals any kiwi or papaya salad, or you can also get used to drinking water with a bit of lemon juice (do not include sugar).
Also appropriate the juices of Apple and grape, but better if you diluted them in water, which are not very concentrated.

6 beware of meats and eggs

Carnes rojas
Know that these two foods are rich in protein, but in general, a high content of them just favoring the formation of stones. But we obviously need protein, just as we need calcium in our body, we can not do without these elements, hence the need to keep a balance. Do not consume them in excess. Ideally, we merely to a daily ration of between 120 and 150 grams of protein-rich foods. If you get them through vegetable sources will be much healthier than if we limit ourselves to animal proteins.
We look forward to serving you help. Anyway, you know that it is your doctor who should make the signs most suitable, depending on the type of mineral that causes your kidney stones. Let you know as a last tip, which if your stones are basically of calcium oxylate is recommended once a day you take a glass of water with a teaspoon of bicarbonate of calcium.
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