Infusions to combat insomnia

In addition to helping us sleep, Linden calms the nerves and relaxes the muscles. It also relieves headaches, abdominal, neck and neck
Infusiones para combatir el insomnio
It is sometimes difficult to sleep pleasantly, insomnia is a problem that can affect the daily living of persons and their performance in your work and personal life. In this way, there are different factors that can cause insomnia, we will divide them in primary and secondary factors.
Secondary concerns, regularly, a reflection of any disease or condition, whether it be emotional such as depression, anxiety and stress. Or it also corresponds to the problems of injuries such as arthritis, headaches, asthma, thyroid, heartburn, menopause, among others. When it's a primary insomnia not necessarily is the result of something, simply means that something is wrong in the bedtime habits.
If you feel identified with any of these diseases, it is best to take measures in this regard so that you can achieve your sleep. However, we want to give you some homemade teas that are recommended to drink before going to bed, since they give you better sleep, and the tranquility and relaxation that your body needs at bedtime.


This is the first recommended plant to fall asleep and it has been used throughout history. Contributes to level nerve disorders and also relax the muscles, reduces stress, depression, body tremors, upset stomach and menstrual cramps.


You can also use Chamomile to recover a good sleep, it also has other healing qualities. Serves as anti-inflammatory, lightens the color of the hair and soothes sore throats if you gargle with your infusion. It also helps to heal by applying it externally.


Somniferous, properties features the tila also helps to calm the nerves, relaxes the muscles, helps to relieve pains and stomach cramps. It is rheumatism and diseases of the respiratory system, it helps to relieve headaches, abdominal, neck and neck.
Linden is also recommended in cases of extreme use such as insect bites, sunburn solar and skin care.


This plant is recommended since it contributes to the balance of the central nervous system, combats stress, insomnia, palpitations, muscle spasms, and also helps the good puckering of the digestive system.


This works as a sedative, recommended for insomnia and stress problems, it is also recommended to improve the functioning of the digestive system. Also, is migraine, fatigue and even serves as a sexual stimulant. It can be an external use to heal and disinfect wounds.


This plant has many chemical substances which provide calming effects, induces a State of body relaxation and sleep. It also serves to treat diseases such as anxiety, dizziness, inflammation of the blood vessels and withdrawal syndrome.


The Mint has properties that help stabilize the nervous system and induce sleep. In addition, it prevents stomach problems, combats gastritis, and muscle spasms.

Tips for a good sleep

  • Don't stay up late watching television
  • He eats very little and not go to bed very full
  • It respects your sleep schedule
  • Take a shower before going to sleep
  • Try to not take to bed the phone and the computer
  • Keep clean your sheets and blankets
  • Do not drink alcohol before bedtime
  • Use a mattress medium term, nor very hard or very soft.
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