How to remove chewing gum in a natural way

If it is a chewing gum in the only hair you hit you have to rub the tuft affected with olive oil and then slide it or unstick it with a comb
Cómo quitar el chicle de manera natural
Whether it of clothes or hair, the gum can become a nightmare. It is not necessary that you pull the garment or to cut you hair, you can remove it with homemade recipes very useful and effective. Enjoy them!

Tips to remove chewing gum from clothes

  • Using the iron, With this method you will not only get the gum but it will prevent the garment to be garbled. Locate the parts where it has been stuck well. Perhaps only in an area or perhaps small bits in several sectors. Plug the plant and while it increases the temperature, place a carton or cardboard in the part where is chewing gum. It turns the garment so that the cardboard is on the Ironing table. Move the iron as ever and remains a few seconds in where is the spot. Perhaps you may have to be repeated several times if he is too stuck. The result is that the gum will be attached to the cardboard and your garment clean and ironed.
  • With liquid soap. No matter the fabric of the garment, you can remove the chewing gum or rubber that was glued with liquid soap, either to wash clothes or hands. It covers well the area where is this sticky problem. Brush well with a hard bristle brush and rub vigorously to distribute SOAP and to penetrate between the rubber particles. With a wooden or plastic spatula proceed to remove it, with very careful not to make a hole in the clothes. If not completely, add a little liquid soap and repeat the process with the brush. You can leave to act some minutes also.
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  • With acetone. The same liquid that is used to remove the nail polish is used to remove the horrendous gobs of your clothing, taking into account that if used in excessive amounts it can discolor the fabric. And with respect to the strong smell, when you wash the garment will go. Casts a bit of acetone in a container and with the help of a toothbrush that you no longer use, soak the area where the gum is stuck to the garment. Rub gently to avoid damaging the clothes not and tries to take off the gum slowly. You can help with a knife blade or spatula. Then wash in the usual way.
  • Using ice. It is one of the recipes for removing chewing gum more popular, well-known, effective and economic. The cold of the ice cube will make chewing gum is off faster. Place the garment in a plastic bag, with the gum "in sight". Avoid to be in direct contact with the bag because you will be stuck. Enter in the freezer for a few hours, until you feel that the gum is hardened. Take the bag and the garment. Using a wooden or plastic spatula carefully remove chewing gum to be able to remove it. Alternatively, you can pass an ice cube directly by the sticky patch but without getting wet. The idea is that the dry cold remove the gum more easily.

How to remove chewing gum from different surfaces

  • Wood. This surface is chilled to withdraw, but would not wet the wood. It is best to wrap an ice cube in a bag or cloth and rest on the gum. Then with something flat like a spatula, remove carefully. If there are small remainders can be cleaned with water and a cloth or even a drop of SOAP. If the wood is varnished or lacquered, you can help use ammonia diluted in water, drying then it very well to avoid marks or auras.
  • Marble or stone. It may be the countertop or the ceramic floor. We can use ice to remove it also. Well cool the chewing gum and then scrape with a putty knife, knife or spoon. The remains are removed with benzene, water, detergent or SOAP.
  • Wall. If the paint is washable, then it is necessary to remove the gum with heat, for example, using the hair dryer. Do not apply heat directly, but that first "glue" a piece of paper blotter or paper with benzol. You can also use few drops of ether. If the wall is washable paper, you can first harden with ice and then remove with nails or fingers, to avoid damaging it. Then rinse with water and neutral SOAP.
  • Carpet. Also with an ice cube and will come off at once. If remains, rub with a cotton soaked in turpentine. This same technique is used to other fabrics.
  • Earthenware, glass or porcelain. Boiling the piece in a pot with plenty of water, until it is softened by itself alone. Washing in the usual way and reviewed with a cloth soaked with alcohol to remove the remains that can be.
  • Iron. It cools the gum with ice and rubbed with a knife or spatula. Another option is to do it with a hair dryer and remove with the same utensils. If it remains, then remove with white SOAP and warm water, rinse and dry with a paper towel.
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How to remove chewing gum from hair?

The options are:
  • Cooking oil. Spread with a lot the hair with the gum and a fine bristle brush takes off little by little.
  • Ice. As that on various surfaces, place a cube of ice in the hair to freeze the cycle and then exit easier.
  • Alcohol. I soak a cotton ball with alcohol and applied in chewing gum until you're removing it. Be careful because this much dry strands. Then, we recommend a good cream bath.
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