How to overcome tiredness?

A good night's sleep is essential. Also a full breakfast with fresh fruit, cereals and proteins, to acquire energy for the rest of the day.
¿Cómo vencer el cansancio?

At certain times of the year we may feel more tired, and the daily routine makes us much heavier. Sometimes there is some specific reason, but sometimes it is difficult to find the cause.

In this article we explain some natural remedies and medicinal supplements that will help us to regain our vitality.

We rested well?

One of the possible reasons that we are tired may be that we are not resting well at night. So most importantly sleep according to the solar time, and not the other way around. Biorhythms are fundamental for the body to recover, since according to traditional Chinese medicine, some of our most important organs such as the liver, the gall bladder or bowel, regenerate in morning. So if we are awake at that hour, or they are working, that will be that we do not have a good night's sleep.

Secondly we must bear in mind that to rest well dinner should not be abundant or very late. At eleven o'clock we should have done the digestion. In this we can copy the time Central European, since they tend to dine whenever we had a snack. If before going to sleep we are always hungry we can eat something light.

Finally, must look if our bedroom helps that I have a good night's sleep. If the temperature is pleasant, if we have dark, if we have turned off and unplugged electronic devices, etc.

Start with a good breakfast

Many people start the day without eating anything. However, if our body is giving us signs of tiredness not we deprived him of a good portion of food from early.

In fasting, to get up, the first thing we will take will be warm, a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon, to thoroughly clean the body after the overnight fast.

Half an hour later we can make a breakfast containing:

  • Fresh or dried fruit
  • Whole grain cereal: oat, millet, wheat or corn in the form of grain, cereals, bread, etc.
  • Protein: Dried fruit, cheese, yogurt and egg.

In this article we explain different types of breakfast that will provide us with energy and will also help us to lose weight.

crema budwig Chinkerfly

Crudívora feed

If we want to win vitality we must daily incorporate in our food raw foods, which are which mainly provide us vitamins and minerals. Take juice of fresh fruit, smoothies, gazpacho and various salads.

We can also resort to the germinated seeds and legumes, which are highly nutritious. Them can either buy or prepare, wetting the seeds and leaving some moisture for a few days, until that comes out the root. So already we can eat them in salads, omelettes, lining, etc.

Roast carrot and avocado salad with citrus dressing and sour cream

Energy supplements

When choosing supplements that provide us with power must bear in mind that there are many of them that are stimulating and that momentarily can make us feel less tired, but that will not actually addressing the problem causing it. On the other hand, there are other supplements that help us have more vitality thanks to its nutritional value, without altering our nervous system. They are as follows:

  • Pollen: pollen is very nutritious, slightly raises the voltage and is ideal when there are also cases of poor appetite. It is important that we take this ground for absorbing correctly.
  • Honey: honey is also an excellent energy food, and even more so If we mix it with cinnamon. This combination, in addition to being delicious, will raise our defences and increase our vitality.
  • Spirulina: this alga is increasingly recognized for its multiple therapeutic properties. We take it daily with meals.
  • Oats: this cereal is very energetic and adequate for people who may be discouraged or suffering depressive States, since it acts as a regulator of the nervous system.
  • Maca: maca is a very energetic tuber which also has as a hormone regulator and to increase libido. We start off with small doses since some people notice that it makes them a little nervous.
  • Wheat germ: this supplement is rich in vitamins and minerals. Take 1 teaspoon daily in the morning.
  • Noni: despite having relaxing properties, this fruit also helps to fight the cancansio.
  • Brewer's yeast: excellent supplement to remineralize the body and also to improve the State of our skin, hair and nails.
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