How to naturally shape waist

To show off an enviable waist you don't need to go to the gym. You can work out at home. Remember: consistency is the key to success
Cómo moldear naturalmente la cintura

All women want to have a "WaSP waist" as it is popularly. Also, we'd like to these curves were harmonic in relation to the hips or bust. In the case of men, a waist without fat and firm stands for aesthetic balance for its male proportions. In this article you will know how to shape the waist and Verte splendid in a short time.

Feminine waist, waist men's

As already mentioned above, there are physical there differences depending on whether a woman or a man. That does not mean that both sexes do not want to wear a cute waist, in their own way. It's one of the parts of the body where more fat accumulates if we don't exercise, if we had us all sitting day or if we eat too much.

Is sometimes difficult to achieve a waist sexy or, better said, "well molded". If the abdomen is greasy and limp, never you will look accordingly. Therefore, it is good to carry out a comprehensive plan to reduce the waistline, but also emphasize in the torso and the hips. In this way, we achieve a harmonic whole.

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If you have accumulated fat in the stomach and surrounding area, insurance present the so-called "love handles". But don't worry, because these 4 skins will help you to have the waist thin or according to your body:


It is the basis for any treatment you make, no matter which is our goal. If you take a balanced diet your belly not ignite or will be filled with fat. It is better to drink many fruit juices and vegetables fresh (made by you, not purchased). The most important thing is to eat healthy and you eliminate all that swell, such as:

  • White flour
  • Sugars, fried
  • Dairy
  • Sausages
  • Pastries
  • Breaded

What options are you? A lot! You can prepare million prescriptions with the following ingredients!

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Dried fruits
  • Flours and sugars integral
  • Lean meats

Don't forget the water: at least 2 liters per day.


Certain types of massages are good for reducing the waist, as it is the case of Mesotherapy or lymphatic drainage. But do not take a reductive or aesthetic massage session, you can also help the relieving. Why? Because you relax and reduce your levels of stress, anxiety, nerves If you're quiet, you will eat less and fat shall not be deposited in your stomach. And, in addition, you will feel much better, renovated and will move forward in what they undertake.

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Many people dismiss the power that has this ancient technique because they believe that they are exercises for seniors. Nothing further from reality. Yoga makes you work all the muscles and bones of the body, helping you burn fat, tone up, harden muscles and become more elastic and harmonious. As it happens with the massage, relaxes the body and reduces stress, one of the biggest culprits that you eat much and engordes. So, don't hesitate and sign up at an Academy of yoga! Taking classes twice a week and in a short time you'll see the differences.


Physical activity could not miss a routine slimming waist and belly. Remember that abdominal exercises help you to reduce belly and let more toned. It is important for you to be constant, patient and you commit to doing sports, though you do not like so much. Many people can discourage you if they don't see results within the first week, but magic can do. It is estimated that, to see real, lasting results and that are worth the penalty, have to maintain an exercise routine for three consecutive months. Don't need that hardly you finish reading this article come out running to write down in a gym: you have to start gradually, according to your possibilities.


More on exercises to shape the waist

As you've already read, physical activity is one of the pillars for a cute waist, but also to feel good. You don't have to go to the gym if you don't like it. You can train at home, provided you are (again) constant.


Exercise 1

Standing slightly separate legs with straight back. Raises the arms until they touch the hands above the head and breathe out as you can. Tilt the trunk to the right, as much as you can. You have a turn to be looking at the ground, remember not to slouch back. Lower your arms so that they touch the floor (if not you arrive you will be doing with the practice, don't worry). It is now turning the other side. The idea is that you formes a full circle, ending in the initial position. Repeat for the other side. This is a series. Get five in total.

Exercise 2

Also standing with your back straight and arms raised. Stretch the right arm as if you wanted to reach the sky (or the ceiling), to stretch around the side of the torso. Do it slowly, to avoid hurting yourself. You change your arm and repeat. This is a series. Get ten in total.

Exercise 3

Standing, legs open slightly, slightly flexed knees and leads the hands to waist. Get a torque to one side, for example, the right, until you look at the heel. It returns to the initial position and rotate to the other side, until you notice the left heel. Make 20 turns per side. You can vary this exercise by stretching the arms so that they are parallel to the floor, bring hands to the nape of the neck or using weights (which can be bottles of mineral water with sand or earth).

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