How to naturally eliminate sagging arms

Proteins nourish and give firmness to the skin and muscles. If we do not consume sufficient, the muscle will become fat with ease.
Cómo eliminar naturalmente la flacidez de los brazos
After a certain age, especially in women, the skin and the muscles of the arms becomes flabby and hangs easily. If we decided to tackle this problem in a natural way, we are not only improving the appearance of our arms, but that we will also help to prevent sagging in general.
Discover here how can get you the diet with some simple home remedies.

Eat protein

Las mejores fuentes de proteina vegetal
Protein It is essential to health and, in this case, helps to nourish and firm the skin and musculature. If we do not consume enough protein, the muscle will become fat with ease.
It is very important to choose protein quality and easy assimilation and not overdo it on consumption.
A good way to control it is to propose we eat a serving of protein at each meal. To do this, we will avoid less healthy protein, such as meat, sausages, or dairy products with high fat content, and opt for these alternatives:
  • White meat: Ideal to tone and firm.
  • Fish: white fish and blue fish contain a good amount of protein, although the target is much lower in fat, so it will be a good choice for dinner.
  • Egg: the more protein part of the egg is the egg, the yolk contains the greatest amount of fat.
  • Milk and derivative dairy: dairy products more healthy and light are the goat cheese and cottage cheese, and better still if they come from goat's or sheep's milk.
  • Legumes: legumes provide us a good serving of protein, vegetable, economical and very nutritious. We can cook them with a bit of seaweed kombu and cumin to make them more digestive and, if Let's Eat at night, better if we grind them and serve them as a cream. So they really bring us the amount of protein that we need, we should combine them always with a bit of cereal as, for example, brown rice, oats or quinoa.
  • Nuts: delicious and healthy, the ideal choice to eat at any time of the day, but always without exceeding the recommended amount: a handful, which fits in the Palm of the hand. Avoid those that are fried and salted.
frutos secos steffenz

Clay to eliminate toxins

When one part of our body builds up fat or excess fluid and also looks flabby, there is usually also a poor drainage of toxic substances.
To eliminate these toxins in the simplest way, i.e. through the pores of the skin and improve skin firmness, we recommend to apply us clay, at least once a week.
  1. We will mix the clay with the sufficient quantity of water that will allow us to create a texture spread not dripping.
  2. Apply it in the flabby arms area and leave it to act until it is dry.
  3. We will clarify us arms with warm water, dry them and finally drink plenty of fluids them well.
brazo Chris Applegate

Hydrate to give firmness

This step is essential so that the skin is firm, because the arms tend to be a zone of forgotten of our bodies until we see the first signs of sagging.
It is not necessary to use a very expensive cream, but that we can use any natural moisturizing lotion that is very nutritious and leave us well hydrated arms.
You can try with oil of almond, olive or coconut oil.


So that the muscle is not flaccid should do work because, if you don't have a usual function, you will lose that capacity.
It is not necessary to do weight-bearing exercises, when at home we can use any slightly heavy object to move the arms in all directions.
Dedicated 5 or 10 minutes a day to strengthen arms and, in a short time, you will notice as the sagging fades.

Jets of cold water

The cold water is a great tonic, since it improves blood supply to instantly.
  • Avoid shower with very hot water.
  • It always ends the showers with cold water, further emphasizing the arms.
  • It performs alternate baths of cold water and hot water.
  • During the day, soak you arms in cold water.
With these simple steps and accelerate the process of toning of arms and, in addition, you will get an instant effect of greater firmness.
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