How to make eggs in heart shape: very original!

Cómo hacer huevos en forma de corazón: ¡Muy original!
Give a touch of originality to your breakfast or dinner? Then, do not miss the opportunity to give a surprise to your partner. A really fun way that, surely, will start you with a smile.
The eggs are always that versatile resource that offers so many possibilities in the kitchen, so today, from our space, we want to show you three romantic ways to prepare them: heart shaped.

1 hard heart shaped eggs

It may, at first glance, you seem very complicated to get, but we assure you that it is as simple fun how. So much so that we are confident that it will do more than once. Notes you must do.

What do I need?

  • 1 hard boiled egg.
  • 2 rubber bands.
  • A 20 cm wooden stick.
  • A piece of cardboard of measures 20 x 15 cm.

How do I prepare it?

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  • It's really simple. The first thing we will do will be cooking the egg normally, as always.
  • Once cooked, peel it quickly. Then, taking advantage of that it is still hot, we will prepare it in our mold to give the desired shape, i.e., the heart. How do we achieve it? It is very easy. What will you do is take the piece of cardboard and bend it in half, entering inside the egg.
  • Now, as you see in the image above, the secret is in place the stick of wood in the center of the egg. So you hold, use the rubber bands so that it locks into the carton.
  • Let the egg cool over an hour. Passed this time, carefully remove the wooden stick, which is that there will be given that original and romantic forms together with the carton. Now, just cut it in half and the magic will be. Accompany it with a fun breakfast and you'll see what original dish you get.

2 fun eggs fried in heart shape

You know how to make heart-shaped eggs. Do you think if we now learn to make fried eggs with this form? We give you two alternative originals so that you can choose which you like the most.

Eggs with sausage: delicious!

  • So simple and fun. The first thing we will do will be to get some sausages the quite long and thin as to allow us to do as we wish, that is, the heart. There is who does it also with vegetables, pepper strips or even potatoes. You can choose what you like, but for a breakfast or a fun dinner, they are always great sausages.
  • FRY sausages helping you with tongs or a spoon to bend properly, looking for the shape of the heart. Then, and with care, drops the egg to contain it in the center of this form. Help you at all times with your wooden spoon. Also look for a pan of frying that is right for this type of sensitive tasks.
  • Little by little, the egg will be taking consistency. The next step, just as delicate, it will be to take the dish this figure unless it breaks us. If you get such a feat, you will already be all done. Feel free to decorate this heart with a bit of ketchup to draw Cupid's arrow!

The simplest technique: with moulds

huevos fritos
  • There are molds marketed exclusively to get heart shaped fried eggs. They have a practical handle that lets you prepare the egg easier. To do this, you will only have to pour a bit of olive oil , and once it is hot, drop the egg.
  • It is fried quickly, without any complications. Then, you won't have more to carry it to the plate, and voila! In addition, this mold also will allow you to obtain this form in our slices of bread. You will only have to toast them and then apply the mold over to get the form. It is very original.
  • Point out to you that people there are actually experts in this sort of thing and that they are able to, for example, form a heart in the yolk of the egg fried while it is in the pan. How what they do? With spoon, pushing the yolk to contour the shape desired.
To conclude, remember that the egg will always be a very appropriate choice for your breakfast. It is a food rich in protein, ideal to start the day. Nor you should worry about cholesterol if you consume them with balance, i.e. between 3 and 4 a week. Do you dare to prepare them?
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