How to deal with Whiplash?

Latigazo cervical ¿qué es, cómo afrontarlo?
Whiplash or cervical desguince, tends to occur quite frequently. Sometimes it is due to a traffic accident or job, a bad movement where there is a stretching or tearing of the soft tissues of the neck: affects muscles and tendons, and even also to the ligaments. It is painful and debilitating, but we need to know how to deal with it to restore normalcy in our lives as soon as possible.

1. causes of the desguince or whiplash

The whiplash of neck occurs basically by a sudden, sudden and intense movement where there is a Flex or an excessive extension of the neck.
Our cervical spine anatomy is a perfect structure where not only protects the delicate spinal cord, also remains the head and achieve a high level of mobility. But the delicacy of all this is that in addition to perfect, is also very vulnerable. Load weights, stress, tensions and bad movements immediately affect our spine, hence sprains and lashes are so common, especially if we suffer some kind of accident. See as what activities are the most frequently can trigger these strains:
  • Traffic accidents.
  • Work-related accidents.
  • Maintaining poor posture frequently before the computer.
  • Sleep in a position that distends the neck, use a pillow too high or too firm
  • Loaded with a heavy suitcase or other object on one side of the body...

2 symptoms that we have suffered a whiplash injury

latigazo cervical
Obviously, if we suffer an occupational or traffic accident, will identify immediately that something happens, something prevents us from moving and causing us serious pain. But those cervical desguinces that occur gradually, when for example we travel and carry that suitcase, or when we have spent many nights are also sleeping in a bad position.
  • Very severe neck pain, similar to a burning gets worse with movement.
  • Tingling and weakness in the arms.
  • Muscle spasms .
  • Very tired, we can not concentrate.
  • Headache, especially in the neck
  • Sore throat
  • Stiffness and difficulty in moving head:
        • From one side to the other
        • From top to bottom
        • In circular motion

3. treatment for whiplash

Our doctors will be those who take the necessary measures to address the treatment, reduce pain and provide means to achieve to recover mobility in our neck. It should be noted also that in many cases the person tends to suffer in addition some post-traumatic stress, especially if lash comes from an accident. Adds as much physical pain, a needed rehabilitation and psychological fear.

Cervical collar

The cervical collar is usually that protection soft and indispensable so that the head have support and will decrease the pressure in the neck. Only used if so the doctor recommends it. They tend to be used for a few days, between 7 and 10, since if we use it for many weeks we can get to weaken the muscles of the neck.

Beware of excessive use of drugs, it also uses natural remedies

Than usual is that they prescribe us relaxing muscle to relieve pain and inflammation, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. But you know that in the long run, these medications can finish not working us and damage our liver. So, you can combine them with natural desinflamantes.
  • Birch, and especially its leaves as an infusion, you will help to reduce pain and inflammation. Just get 3 leaves in a cup of boiling water. You can take up to 3 a day.
  • Ginger is one of the natural remedies that can help you against cervical pain, since it has amazing anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Nettle, on the other hand It is also excellent to treat cervical inflammation, diuretic and inflammatory. You can get up to 3 infusions a day.

Cold and heat

Dolor de cuello
  • Hot-cold therapy is one of the most appropriate techniques to reduce pain and inflammation, relaxing besides the muscles tense or injured. This is very useful to apply hot compresses on our neck (but only after the swelling has disappeared).
  • Apply ice or a cold compress on the neck for 10 minutes 4 times per day, we will also reduce the pain and inflamacion. Remember to wrap the ice with a towel, never put it directly on your skin.

How to deal the whiplash and other treatments

  • By a good physical therapist massages are essential and very effective in case of whiplash, they help to increase blood circulation and reduce tension.
  • Your psychological attitude is essential to be able to overcome it. These lesions are painful and take many months to resolve. But we must face it with optimism. Sadness, worry, or discouragement, won't us help, on the contrary. We will block even more.
  • Know a long rehabilitation. Do not think for example that when remove you the collar already we can do normal life. At all. It is a long process where our muscles and ligaments must regain their place, their strength and their tonacidad. You must have courage and patience, maintaining an active role in your rehabilitation.
  • Don't be afraid to move, small exercises to go recover the stability of your cabeza-cuello-axis back. Gentle movements, relaxation exercises... all this you will be helping little by little in your recovery. But remember, always optimistically. Cervical lashes are painful and require a long process of recovery. But you get, certainly yes.
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