Benefits of oats to treat arthritis: very healthful!

Beneficios de la avena para tratar la artritis: ¡Muy medicinal!
In our space you have spoken many times of the benefits of oats. Nutrition specialists speak of it as that I superfood that should not be missing in our diets and so healthy it is for the whole family.
It is possible to consume it in order to lose weight, or to reduce your level of bad cholesterol or LDL. However, on this occasion we want to go to all those people who suffer from arthritis. This medical condition so annoying, and sometimes disabling in our day to day, can find relief thanks to regular consumption of oats. Do you want to know why? We explain what you then.

Oats, Queen of cereals that relieves arthritis pain
Gota-Artritis reumatoidea
Oatmeal is one of the foods rich in vitamins and minerals, capable of providing us a unique energy and nutritional benefits within nature. Why is one of most widely consumed since antiquity cereals and appreciated today.
The reason why can help us to treating arthritis is because oats is possibly the best food for reduce inflammation. Thanks to its high rate in vitamin B6, is perfect for reducing pain, relax and desinflamar all those tissues surrounding joints.
However, oats also helps to regenerate cartilage, to nourish the tissues of the muscles and to mineralize bone. All this thanks to its incredible composition.
Takes note of its nutrients per 100 grams:
  • 11,72 g of protein
  • 9,67 g fiber
  • 55.70 g carbohydrates
  • 342 mg of phosphorus
  • 5.80 mg of iron
  • 80 mg of calcium
  • 355 mg of potassium
  • 7.70 mg of iodine
  • 8,40 mg sodium
  • 0,17 mg vitamin B2
  • 3.37 mg of vitamin B3
  • 0.9 g of vitamin B5
  • 0.69 mg of vitamin B6
  • 13 g of vitamin B7
  • 0.9 g of vitamin B9
  • 0.7 g of vitamin B12
  • 30 mg of vitamin C
  • 0.84 mg of vitamin E
As you can see in this list, highlights in particular its high rate in all those vitamins of the B complex, which we will help you very properly treat any ailment associated with the bones, inflammation and characteristic processes of arthritis pain.
Another interesting aspect is that the OAT stands as a wonderful natural diuretic, thanks to which we will be able to eliminate all those toxins that are concentrated around joints and where, in addition, water collects. We will gradually eliminated through urine those components, to find relief and a better quality of life.
Nor can we forget its high rate fiber. Thanks to her, we can debug our intestines and also eliminate those remains and toxins accumulated in your body. A body free of toxins is a cleaner body that will prevent inflammation, fluid retention, and infectious processes. Some of what we can benefit taking a simple bowl of oats into our breakfast.

How to make oatmeal to reduce my pain of arthritis

First of all, tell you that, if you are of those people to consume oats note some swelling, the most recommended is that you go to the doctor. Oats does not usually cause this problem in most healthy adults, but when it occurs, it is possible that there is actually some allergy to any component present in oats, such as gluten, or even any protein present in wheat.
If you then notice that your swelling is continuous whenever you eat oatmeal, consultation with your doctor. However, as we say, is something that does not usually occur, hence it is the staple in the home to millions of people thanks to its benefits.

1. How can I consume oats

You must buy oats 100% natural, which is sold in diet or natural centers since, sometimes, that we buy in boxes and in supermarkets is not as healthy.
  • Never mix oatmeal with milk. Cow's milk increases inflammation and is not recommended if you suffer from arthritis. You can mix it with water or milk of almonds.
  • The best way to consume oats in your breakfast is mixed with apples or bananas. And don't forget to never include a little honey, is ideal for treating arthritis!

2. external treatment with oatmeal

  • 100 grams of oatmeal (sold it in diet centers or natural stores)
  • 50 ml de agua
  • 20 g de miel
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