How to deal with a loss

Nobody is prepared to lose a loved one, so our reactions can be unpredictable. Express your feelings freely and cries if necessary
Cómo sobrellevar una perdida
In life it goes through many moments of doubt, despair, happiness, sadness, and unfortunately we are not prepared to cope with a loss unless it causes pain, for this it is necessary that in life we accept to let go of situations, and especially those people that we consider important to our lives, but for some reason they move away from us.
There are different types of losses, the change from one school to another, the separation of the parents, remain out of work, away from the people we love, but that is harder to overcome is when someone you love dies. You might have heard about the stages of grief, they explain the natural process by which all humans passed by the death of someone close. These stages consist of feelings of:
  • Denial, where the person does not believe or accept what is happening.
  • Anger, where the person who has suffered the loss felt anger with everything related to the individual who has died, the time and the situation.
  • Negotiation, It is where it starts to understand why things happened and tries to find a solution.
  • Sad stage where it is already clear that the loss is irreparable, this part is one of the most critical of the duel.
  • Depression, which may be the most delayed and difficult to overcome
  • Acceptance, where depression is bowing and begins to assimilate that life continues, despite not having that person.
There are cases where these stages do not arise in the above order, but is usually as a stepping-stone, which is going to progress little by little to achieve the acceptance and overcoming of the duel, is clear that it will always remind the person with nostalgia and sadness, but sentiment will gradually be more bearable. The time is a good ally for a crisis of this kind, but we also want to share with you some tips so that you can emotionally feel better.

Express your feelings

Don't worry if one day you feel anger, to the other acceptance, and the next you desire to cry. A loss of a loved one is not something to which we are all accustomed to, so express your feelings freely, regardless, beware these expressions of pain only going to cause you harm psychological and body, since the mind has much to do with the health of the body.

Make a list of the good things you have in life

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Due to the depression in which you can find it is common to feel that life makes no sense, or that they always pass you bad things, but I don't think that everything is so bad, writes every day those important things that have happened, your partner, work, your sons, your brothers, your parents, your friends... in the end, apply that saying of seeing the glass half-full or half-empty , you will notice that while you be not with that person that you loved both accounts with other things that can make you happy to your around.
Attempts not to get away from your family and friends, they are to whom you provide the love that you need, has someone at all times to talk about the person who died, about your feelings or a psychologist is also seeking, they understand very well what you are going through and can help you cope with the time.

You do not condemn the bitterness


There are cases of people who have led a duel to slopes for many years, always wearing black, refusing the opportunity to have fun and share happy moments with others; you do not fall into this, try to find situations that you serve as a lifeboat, which will encourage you if you want a little and that distract yourself enough not to fall back into depression.

Do not neglect your health

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Moments of depression usually removes the desire to eat, sleep, and even neglected personal appearance, but you have to think that the last thing you need at this time is to have a disease , or something like that, eat well, sleep the recommended hours, avoids the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and if they have not been prescribed tranquilizers.


Over the death of someone we want can be difficult but not impossible, whatever the feeling you have at this time follows our recommendations and raises in your mind that the goal is to overcome and not always be immersed in pain.
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