Annual medical checkup that all women should do

We must make annual checks to detect any anomaly in time.
Chequeos médicos anuales que todas las mujeres se deben hacer
All women without exception must be made without fail every year a series of tests, this is a very necessary practice to detect many diseases that may put at risk the life time...
There are some tests that repeatedly doctors forget to instruct their patients, however I recommend that always you push them, since them it depends on you to keep your life with the reassurance that your whole body is working very well.
Below you can find what are tests that you must be you without fail every year:


This is one of the most important tests which must be performed women annually, by means of cytology have saved you hundreds of thousands of lives in the world, and still lack women aware of the importance that has and not let them forget.
Very important thing you must know is that this test does not produce pain, only takes three minutes - about-, but by means of it you can find diseases such as the human papilloma virus and the start of a uterine cancer, diseases being discovered in time can be treated and save your life.


This is another of the exams key to saving lives, the mammography is a test which must be done every year like cytology is recommended for all women over the age of fifty.
By means of this test specialists can detect abnormalities in the breast, such as nodules or masses which should not be there, so they can diagnose a breast cancer that Treaty in time is curable and saves your life.

Bone density

As it is well known by most people, bone decalcification occurs most frequently in women after arriving at the time of the menopause. To avoid serious complications caused by fractures, it is essential to carry out the examination of bone density, which will be very useful for the doctor to detect in time the risk of osteoporosis and therefore prevent fractures that for this reason they may occur.


This is a test that allows you to see inside both the colon and rectum, through a very small camera that is stuck in a very flexible tube.
By means of this test you can discover and treat in time some complicated health problems such as colitis, abnormal pouches in the intestines and colon cancer.

The glucometria

This is a simple test that measured the levels of sugar in the blood; It is a test that is usually practiced to pregnant women to prevent some risks that may occur during pregnancy, also to keep in control patients with hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia or diabetes, through a health check this test will be included to measure your blood sugar levels and thus prevent many health complications.
In this way, we can conclude that given all the benefits that we acquire only to attend consultation every year and ask our doctor the order to make all the tests that we have mentioned, and we will not let it ignore and promptly landed to prevent serious complications of health and healthy living beside our loved for many years more.
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