How to clean lungs naturally

Vitamin C-rich foods will help eliminate the free radicals that promote lung congestion. The vitamin E, for its part, helps to detoxify
Cómo limpiar los pulmones naturalmente

Clean the lungs in a natural way is quite simple. Rather than anything else, we must be aware that If we are smokers, all cigarette tar remains in the lungs, hindering its action take oxygen to our cells and dispose of carbon dioxide.

However, be or not smoking, we can clean our lungs following some very simple and practical tips.

Firstly, it is important that our diet is rich in citrus fruits, which are fruits with high content in vitamin C, which helps to eliminate free radicals that can trigger lung congestion.

Naranja-Vitamina C

He is recommended to people with asthma always a diet rich in citrus. An orange or two a day in the case of smokers are highly recommended to decongest the respiratory tract.

Other foods that will help us are those of alfalfa or wheat and yeast, as foods in vitamin E are some of the best allies of the lungs against air pollution in large cities.

Seasonal changes

As we all know, autumn and winter are the two most decisive stations for the lungs. Disease multiply and everyone can suffer the brunt of lung diseases more features: colds and flu.

The flu is a viral illness caused by a RNA virus, of which there are many strains that affect not only humans, but also animals; Therefore, there are different strains, being some truly serious, and can even result in death. Flu affects us more in winter because the virus resists much better cold than heat. At 0 degrees the flu virus survive 30 days, but at 40 degrees, on the other hand, survive less than seven days.

Catarrh or cold common (although not as severe as the flu) is also a viral disease, caused by the rhinovirus. As this is not as serious as influenza, we can find many over-the-counter medications to relieve, above all, the symptomatology. But as prevention is cure (and is also much more healthy and cheap), we want to give you a few tips on how to clean your lungs in a natural way.

What about as bad phlegm?

If we talk about clean lungs, we fail to pass the subject of phlegm. These secretions are always a symptom of alarm from your lungs, as if you have phlegm, it means that your lungs are more or less dirty.

The most common causes are smoking and disease (usually flu, but also common cold). Phlegm caused by irritation and obstruct lung capacity, so it always should be removed.

How to remove phlegm?

The best way to get rid of phlegm (and even prevent them) is through the abundant consumption of liquids. The recommended are around 8 glasses of water per day, which equates to 2 litres, approximately.


Another formidable natural resource is the puffs of steam with essential oil of Rosemary, menthol or eucalyptus. To do this, we will use water vapor, either through a humidifier (which will add 3 drops of any of the above mentioned essential oils), or in a saucepan put to boil water and add 3 drops once water is boiling. Remove it from the fire and after vacuuming the vapor smoking. With the help of a cloth, cover the saucepan and our head to concentrate the humidifying action.

We assure you that with these simple tips to implement we are going to be able to clean our lungs naturally and, therefore, will be able to breath better and avoid everything the virus of the flu and other respiratory.
(Attention: people with asthma should not follow these procedures without first talking to your doctor).

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