Do you suffer from constipation? We offer guidelines to avoid it

To avoid constipation we should change our eating habits, include more fiber, fruits and vegetables in the diet and exercise to promote bowel movement
¿Sufres de estreñimiento? Te ofrecemos las pautas para evitarlo

A health problem common in our society and that virtually all have suffered sometime constipation. This problem is closely related to the intense pace of life and the poor eating habits of today's society.

Occasional constipation as it can be due to pregnancy or in times of stress, not be concerned about excess; the real problem is chronic constipation. When this happens, the most important thing is look for the causes and remedy them.

Causes of constipation

The main cause is inadequate food, with too much intake of animal protein, which means an increase in intestinal flora harmful cause intestinal gas, and a decreased intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes and cereals, which are those who provide us with the necessary fiber for optimal control of intestinal transit.

Little drinking water is one of the main causes, Lee with low water content are much more difficult to pass.

In addition to what we eat, it is also important when and how much is what we eat. I.e., abundant meals and afternoon, beyond the 9 pm and, as a consequence, poor breakfast, favor constipation.

The high rhythm of life and the stress prevent us defecate as feel the need to do so, doing that little by little the defecation reflex is lost and we have to resort to the use of laxatives, which does rather than return to lazy bowel.

The consumption of some drugs like antidepressants, antacids, diuretics, calcium supplements or iron, codeine, etc. and some diseases like hemorrhoids, thyroid problems, irritable bowel syndrome.. .and some situations such as pregnancy or old age, are risk factors for suffering constipation.

Natural remedies for constipation

Detected once the cause or causes, the most common thing is that the problem is the sum of several of them, the important thing is to put you remedy, to do so:

-Start the day with a full breakfast that give us fibre (cereals, fruit), protein (cheese low fat yogurt, eggs) and many liquids (milk, juice, water).

-Every day we eat vegetables, fruit with skin, if possible, vegetables and bread. We must try to have regular hours to eat and do it without haste.

-Dinner should be frugal and soon, as overnight intestinal transit be slows, by what you have to make sure going to sleep at least two or three hours after having eaten.

-Drink plenty of water, especially between meals.

-Physical exercise that helps to activate the abdominal muscles.

-Intestinal education: is very important to go to the bathroom as soon as you need it and not to repress that desire. If we can establish the habit of always going at the same time, much better.

If these tips do not relieve your constipation, not to resort to laxatives, because all you will achieve is a dependency to them to evacuate, see your doctor.

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