Home remedies to relieve painful menstrual cramps

Remedios caseros para aliviar dolores menstruales

Many women of reproductive age are affected by pain, sometimes very strong and unpleasant during the menstrual period.

There are some home remedies to relieve menstrual cramps. In this article we will discuss natural products that help women carry lighter so painful and uncomfortable moments of the rule.

We will see how food of daily use and healthy practices will help these days and we can forget about pills and chemicals, that while they sometimes help, are not as healthy for the body.


The consumption of herbal teas blocks called muscle spasms or cramps (punctures).

  • Infusions of Chamomile: Chamomile is a natural remedy against pains or discomforts of the stomach due to its floral compounds. Your intake in this case, can relieve, largely pain in ovaries.
  • Infusions of cinnamon: cinnamon boiled in water is used for this type of pain relief due to its relaxing capacity.


  • Heat: Although heat may cause an increase in menstrual flow, your application it will relieve the pain. We warm sachets of herbs or warm cloths in the belly area. Do not exceed the temperature.
  • Massage: we can use our own fingers to massage the area of the ovaries for a few minutes. You may not notice relief at the beginning, but after a while of massaging the area, you will notice a clear improvement. We can add to this massage a few drops of Roman Sage or Rosemary alcohol.
  • Aromatherapy: can use flavourings as a home remedy to relieve menstrual cramps. Its analgesic effect will soothe the area by what we will have to apply on the belly and massage with one of these natural products:

-Lavender: its sedative action will help to relax the nervous system therefore menstrual cramps.

-Soybean oil: help us thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

-Sport: sports these days will help to decrease the sensation of swelling and improve blood flow. If the pain is strong, opt for making sports more soft and go walking or stretching.


With this regular practice of sport, we will check that the pain month-to-month decrease.

The menstrual period usually occurs the women days uncomfortable and painful, but if we follow some tips and home remedies we attend we will pursue them more naturally and rest.

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