Foods that reduce stress

In addition to allowing us to regulate transit and keep us satisfied, natural and sugar-free oatmeal helps reduce stress thanks to its content of serotonin
Alimentos que reducen el estrés

What foods will help you be more relaxed? It is probably answer that foods prepared with sugars refined as ice cream, breads or cakes, etc. However this is not necessarily true, as there is a great difference between those foods that actually reduce stress and those who function as emotional anesthesia.

The truth is than foods that reduce stress really are healthy and can be incorporated to the perfect diet, so we can lead healthier lives. Some options are:


These vegetables have a somewhat particular flavor, what makes that they are favorite or hated. But are an excellent option to get folic acid naturally, snap-in makes it one of the foods that reduce stress.


These fruits are one of the most full options, not only to reduce stress but by all the nutrients that contribute to the body: lutein, vitamin E, beta-carotene and folate. It also blocks the intestinal absorption of certain fats that cause oxidative damage. However, should also be taken into account that the avocado contains large amounts of fat for what should drink in moderation.


Other foods that reduce stress is chocolate. This has been proven in various studies, which have shown that moderate intake of this food helps the brain to generate certain substances which increase happiness who consume it, as well as that natural antioxidants which contains also help the body to be younger. That Yes, is better to eat dark chocolate and most bitter better. In this way, even diabetics can incorporate it into your diet.

Camomile tea

One of the foods that reduce stress more known and used around the world. Chamomile tea is ideal for those days when the obligations we saturate or when we can not sleep. Where sleeplessness is common, a cup of Chamomile tea can incorporate every night before going to sleep.


When we talk about rich, easy-to-prepare food and with great benefits for health, Oatmeal is usually present. And in this list of foods that reduce stress is no exception. Oats has a large amount of serotonin, a substance that helps to directly attack stress. For this reason it is perfect for breakfast for the whole family, although it is recommended to avoid that comes with lots of sugar. Instead, can choose to prepare the natural oatmeal with cinnamon or chopped fresh fruit.

A balanced diet also helps to have less stress

The majority of above-mentioned foods can be incorporated to the diet balanced without any problem. Stress is a problem increasingly common and originates in the multiple tasks which we must carry out daily. Why it is important exercise, lead a healthy life and eat in a balanced way.

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