Foods that will help you increase metabolism

The fruits are healthy foods that help us calm down the need of sugar or sweet things
Alimentos que te ayudarán a aumentar el metabolismo
Slow metabolism is one of the most common conditions and little detected by people who suffer from it. It consists in that the body of a person who is at a total standstill Burns fewer calories than would be normal. It is also known by the name: "basal metabolic rate" which means little amount of energy consumed in a person who is in a State of rest.
Some of the causes that can cause that your metabolism is slow are:
  • Hypothyroidism which is a hormonal disease
  • sedentary lifestyle, that is the lack of exercise or physical activity
  • unwanted effect of a too strict diet, which leads to metabolism may change causing the rebound effect.
It is also important that you detect the possible consequences of this condition. However, you will recommend to consume some natural products that help speed up your metabolism so you will not have problems with this situation.

When you have slow metabolism what is happening is that your body does not burn fat as it normally should, this substance accumulates in your body until you are creating obesity or overweight. Is for this reason that people who express that all fattening them, even there are little eating or taking a life style similar to others who do not increase its weight with ease. In such a way that it is there where should come to rule out a slow metabolism through a diagnosis your doctor will determine.
You must know to lose weight when you have slow metabolism is very complicated, but not impossible. You should also be clear that strict diets, i.e. which have very few calories, is not the best option if you suffer from slow metabolism, since the results will be disappointing, taking into account that the majority of people who undergo these miraculous diets fail to reduce measures in proportion to what they are consuming.
But not to worry! You will then recommend some steps which you must follow so that you end up with an early solution and you can look the figure you want.

Drink plenty of waterAgua colon

Recent studies have shown that drinking water is one of the products that most accelerates metabolism and weight loss. It also helps to eliminate toxins and sodium from your body. Water is also an appetite suppressant, i.e., drinking enough water helps to have the feeling of fullness, which will make you clearly differentiate hunger from thirst.

Green teaTe verde

Green tea is really a fantastic grass due to its incredible properties. It has been shown that green tea speeds up metabolism and weight loss also, apart from that contains carcinogenic properties and is very nice for your heart. Many celebrities have included it in their diet in order to have the ideal weight.


Soup (especially the vegetables) is one of the more satiating, delicious, and nutritious foods, due to the combination that is between liquid and solid. You can eat less and burn fat more quickly if you eat a bowl of soup as an appetizer instead of a plate of food completely solid.

Pears and applesFibra alimentos - Manzana

Overweight people that consume the equivalent of 3 blocks or small pears a day, tend to lose more weight on a low calorie diet. It is therefore important that you include fruit in your diet, since even you can soothe your craving sweet or sugar with a fruit high in fiber and low in calories in a natural way.
We hope that what you have mentioned above be your advantage. It is important that you remember that you should seek to manage a balance in the different aspects of your life. Happy diet balanced and practical exercise!
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