Exercises for knee pain

Lesions are usually the result of inactivity. Exercise is very important to get our joints do not lose flexibility and maintaining strong and healthy
Ejercicios para el dolor de rodilla
Knee headaches are a very common physical problem being considered an injury quite frequent, especially among those who do not do any type of exercise, or those who do only on weekends.
There are some exercises that can help strengthen the knees, being the form most appropriate to prevent and avoid this kind of problems, which in the majority of opportunities can become very Disabling.

Exercises to prevent knee pain

Exercises that can be done to reduce knee pain are very simple, you can practice at home, or if you prefer in the gym, since it is the best way to make the muscles become and remain very much stronger, in addition joints of the knees may perceive much more flexible and therefore will be healthier.

Exercise #1

You just have to find a Chair and lean on the back of this, then you must get right leg moving it toward the back at an angle of ninety degrees and keeping your knees together, this position that must be maintained for at least five seconds, after which lower the leg very slowly and is done the same procedure with the other leg , is important to even do three to four sets of ten reps.

Exercise #2

Another good exercise to relieve knee pain is: lie on your back while it is kept one leg bent and the other should stay right on the floor, you must raise the right leg and leave it in this position for at least five seconds, then the low and repeat the same operation with the other leg. This exercise four sets of ten reps should be also. Is very important that these exercises be made smoothly, without forcing the muscles and try to keep the firm on his site back.

Exercise #3

Stood with back attached to the wall and feet slightly apart (at a distance of about thirty centimeters of the wall), is you should get off slowly until almost seated, try to remain in this position for 10 seconds, after which it becomes to climb slowly. 20 repetitions each day will be more than enough to get your knees back much stronger.

Exercise #4

Salt to walk for at least thirty or forty minutes every day, you should walk with some speed and using a few soft shoes who does not mistreat the feet, this way walk will be more enjoyable and we will keep the possibility to avoid or annoying and disabling knee pain relief.
Reminds that it is very important to prevent this type of physical problems, to achieve this should be a healthy and continuous physical activity, because it is the only way to get the joints flexible, healthy and strong.
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