Cyst in the kidney: do you have any symptoms?

Although there are usually serious, you have to control kidney cysts to verify its nature and to make sure that it won't lead to higher conditions
Quiste en el riñón: ¿Qué síntomas tiene?
Surely more than once you've heard of cysts in the kidneys. And is that actually it's really commonplace among the population that does not involve excessive severity. But still, worth a little know how arise and possible symptoms accompany their emergence. We will explain you.

What are the simple kidney or renal cysts?

We all know the important role that meet the kidneys: they filter our blood, cleanse the body, control our body salt and separate waste substances that remove urine. Two organs essential to our existence, hence are the importance of knowing which possible diseases are associated with it.
But go to the central theme what is really a Cyst on a kidney? Well, a cyst is a pouch or closed sack filled with air or liquid. They are usually filled with a watery liquid, are like bumps that emerge from the surface of the own kidney or the nephrons. It is normal that they are small as a lentil, but there have been cases that have been as big as an Apple. They grow slowly, and what's inside, not usually pus or blood, just a harmless liquid.

Who typically suffer from simple kidney cysts?

First of all we must remove excessive severity to the topic. Cysts in the kidney are not backline of cancer or a complication that will take our quality of life. Simple kidney cysts are very common as we get higher; it is very normal that they appear from the age of 50. Before this age, we can even have one, but once we have about 55 or 60 years, sometimes many more. And again, they tend to be harmless.

But, what causes cyst in the kidney?

Is normal that appear with age, due to which the nephrons (those parts of the kidney responsible for filter blood), are becoming larger, and to fill with liquid. The reality is that scientists do not know very well what happens, just that it happens over the years, are like small lesions that cause up to original liquid from collecting a bundle of more or less size. Also clarified that these kidney cysts are not inherited.

If I have a cyst in the kidney is it serious?

Palpar riñones
No, not usually serious. It is something associated with age and occurs very often. That is why they call them simply "simple kidney cysts", and tend not to arise in cancerous tumors. They are almost always harmless. However, you must identify them and control them. If your walls are thick and irregular, then yes they may be associated with a type of cancer. But 70% of them, tend to be good and nothing serious.

What are the symptoms of a kidney cyst?

Dolor muscular
Simple kidney cysts usually cause no symptoms. That is why the vast majority of people do not know that actually have one or even 7 cysts in the kidneys, since they do not give symptoms. If you will discover is randomly by x-rays or a CT scan tests. But now, if these cysts are exploited then yes there is a gravity to take into account, and that's when we will have a series of symptoms that must know how to identify, to see a doctor:
  • Pain in the abdomen, ribs, hip, stomach or back.
  • We will have some fever.
  • We go to urinate often, and blood will appear in the urine .
  • High voltage.

How are simple kidney cysts treated?

Since cysts are usually not serious, does not tend to treat. But if a cyst exerted much pressure in the kidney will end up hindering their function, and therefore will not fit another option rather than the intervention. And how is this intervention? It can be of two types depending on where is the cyst, and how great that is in question:
  • Aspiration or sclerotherapy: by injection, the cyst fluid is removed.
  • Surgery: is usually done through laparoscopy, using slender instruments inserted through small holes in the abdomen. During surgery, the doctor drains the cyst and then cutting and burning. It is made very quickly, and we will only be a few days in the hospital.

Can I prevent the cysts in the kidney?

They usually appear with age. But a basic mode of our kidneys, maintain in good condition is maintaining a good quality of life. And you know how:
  • Avoid smoking, alcoholic beverages.
  • Drink two litres of water a day.
  • Avoid salt, refined flours, sugar, the soda.
  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, avoiding red meat.
  • Drink natural fruit juice.
  • 10 days a month, drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of baking soda after your dinner.
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