Bach flowers and other remedies for non-compulsive eating

Flores de Bach y otros remedios para no comer compulsivamente
There are people suffering at lunchtime because they do it compulsively, without sufficient strength of will to eat strictly what the body needs. This often causes other problems like indigestion, heartburn, gas, or overweight, as well as mood such as frustration, irritability or depression problems.
Usually the cause is related to anxiety, which we cannot control easily and therefore leads us to eat this way. So in this article we know some remedies like the flowers of Bach, some satiating food and relaxing herbs that will help us to overcome this problem in a natural way and without suffering, to learn to eat in a natural and balanced way.

What they are and how we help the flowers of Bach?

Bach flowers are 38 flower essences that heal the psychological and emotional disorders on the energetic level, trying to undo our locks through the subtle energy of the essences. These remedies work as a true emotional, since they help us in our day to day and in our personal development.
Most importantly, they can be very useful for anyone, and since they have no contraindications and adverse effects, are also recommended in children, pregnant women, elderly people and pets.

Which must take?

To specifically address the problem of compulsive eating, we recommend a mixture with the following flowers, of which we could remove some if we thus consider it:
  • Cherry Plum: help us to take control of a situation. Ideal for when we want to strengthen our will.
  • Impatiens: for when we make things too quickly, so impatient.
  • Agrimony: this flower helps us to avoid eating to hide other problems that we keep in our interior
  • Vervain: ideal for nervous and impulsive persionas, helps us to relax
  • Walnut: If we are eating compulsively coinciding with a major change in our life.
  • Pine: to avoid frustration and guilt generated us eating this way
  • Rescue: ideal mixture of flowers when we are experiencing a personal crisis stage
Flores Bach Ricardo Torres

How do we take them?

The usual doses are four drops under the tongue four times a day. If we are worse off can increase intakes, but must always be four drops.
We can get them in herbal, dietary, some pharmacies and specialized centers of natural products and alternative therapies. If we need more than one flower we will ask to us a preparation with a maximum of seven flowers.

Satiety foods that are beneficial

When we eat compulsively, we make several mistakes:
  • We not well chewing food
  • We make the digestive process
  • It took longer than normal in satisfy us
  • We eat more
  • We chose foods that do not suit us, rich in fats and sugars
Precisely in order to avoid this, if we need to eat something will choose mainly healthy foods rich in water and fiber, so we satisfy easily and we have no need to keep eating that way, for example:
  • Jellies (e.g. of agar agar)
  • Whole grains
  • Fruits such as watermelon or melon
  • Milk shakes (fruit, vegetable drink, etc.)
  • Apple baked
  • Vegetable creams
  • Brown Rice made with rice milk
  • Rice or corn pancakes
  • Bran
agar agar high over happy
In addition, we will try to chew food well enough outside of meals, drinking and infusions, which will also be a support for not be itching. We can get a discipline of that, if we already know at what times I tend to eat that way, we will try to prevent and have prepared a fruit salad or an infusion at that hour, so we aren't unprepared and end up eating anything.

Relaxing lemon balm tea

If we are certain that we are people with a nervous tendency also we can bet for taking us on the day of one to three infusions of plants with relaxing properties. We especially highlight the melisa because in addition to relax our nervous system also it calms nervousness that affects the digestive system and helps us to improve digestion, so you can also take it after having exceeded with food. Can also combine it with other soothing herbs such as Linden, lavender, passion flower and Valerian.
Images courtesy of Ricardo Torres and over happy
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