8 symptoms of kidney disease

When our kidneys do not eliminate wastes from the blood, these will accumulate. As a result, we can experience itching sudden and strange, as if they came from the bones
8 síntomas de una enfermedad renal
Taking care of our kidneys is something essential in our day. But sometimes make mistakes: poor diet, low fluid intake is... then that may appear small indications that something is wrong. What if we know some of the more obvious symptoms of possible kidney disease? notes for the sake of your health!

Indicators of kidney disease

As they say, knowledge is power. Listening our body is essential to maintain good health, but that Yes, we should not take to obsession any small sign. The symptoms of a renal problem tend to be very obvious, so you are never others know them to see as well our doctor for advice.

1 changes in urination

It is undoubtedly the most obvious symptom of a kidney disease, easily observable evidence.
  • We are forced to get up many times at night, with an unusual urgency. Then, when we got to the service we do not more than a few droplets.
  • Urine changes color, or even be foamy or bubbly. Besides that we orinamos more frequently, it is common to have a darker (as in coca-cola, because remains of blood).

2 fatigue

Sometimes we may feel tired for no apparent reason. We walk a little, we went up stairs and our body already feels exhausted. And Moreover, it is very possible to get work, do not think anything else rather than go to bed to sleep.
What is this feeling, and lack of energy? Healthy kidneys produce a hormone called erythropoietin, and it is she who deals with transport oxygen to the blood. But if there is a renal disease, erythropoietin production drops as the kidneys are failing. All this makes our muscles are exhausted, our red blood cells are coming down and not be transported both oxygen, and can then lead to anemia, we must be alert.

3 swelling

Pies hinchados
Do you have swollen ankles in usual manner? legs? would cost you get shoes? Then it is possible that you have a kidney problem. But eye, you do not associate him immediately, sometimes, it is a simple problem of circulation. That is why you have to see other signs, such as a fall of hair, which swell we face, the fingers of the hands... All of this is that kidneys can not get rid of extra fluid, which accumulates in our bodies.

4. skin rashes and itching

An itchy sudden and different from the others, as if he would come to the same bone or own blood. It is very annoying thing is due to the fact that our kidneys, not deleted as they should waste our blood. They will accumulate and appear these discomforts and so uncomfortable itching.

5. metallic taste in the mouth

Another fact to keep in mind. It is possible for example that food lose its original flavor, because you know no equal... and even your breath has bad smell like ammonia. You feel a bad taste in the mouth, and this makes you lose your appetite, because everything you know as iron, something metallic... they are effects that we are suffering from a kidney disease, it passes it by high if it is something constant.

6 nausea and discomfort

We know it, are many things that can cause us discomfort and distress. But when this reality is often begin to take this into account to talk to our doctor. And is this is due to an accumulation of wastes in the blood (uremia) that can cause nausea and vomiting.

7 cool feeling

Having a lower rate of red blood cells, anemia, weakness, feeling makes us feel more fragile front temperature changes, and especially against the cold. Sorry, hands and our feet are always as frozen... a sense of vulnerability very characteristic.

8. on one side of the back or leg pain

Has you ever happened? Quiet is a symptom that can be caused by many things. But we worry when it's something recurrent, accompanying you during several days in a row. Pain in the back or the side, as a slight swelling in one leg, a pressure that can't explain but that bothers you.
Look especially if it is always on the same side, since that would demonstrate that it is indeed a kidney. Sometimes it is due to a polycystic kidney disease , cause of cysts filled with fluid in the kidneys and sometimes even in the liver, something that causes enough pain.
In conclusion, never passes overlooked evidence that always gives you your body. Neither are going to become obsessed, but if the pain is constant, if we are wrong on a regular basis, don't hesitate to go to your doctor to provide you proper treatment in case of kidney disease.
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