7 wonderful changes experienced by your body when you stop eating sugar

Sugar consumption can lead to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. It is estimated that its effects on the liver are similar to those of the spirit
7 maravillosos cambios que experimenta tu cuerpo cuando dejas de comer azúcar
Some years ago comes warning that sugar consumption can be very harmful to health, as it is a major cause of type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease.
While sugar in itself is not all bad, what it warns is that you should not eat excessively and much less in his refined presentation, which is the way in which more is in the market.
In its natural form can be found in foods such as fruits and does not represent a health hazard. What is troubling to health experts is that in the majority of diets is this refined sugar, which is a type of artificial sugar, treated with chemicals, which can generate as strong as cocaine addiction.
It seems impossible to stop the consumption of sugar, since as well as sell to add to food, it is also present in sweets, breads, processed, sauces and many other foods sold to include in the diet.
Despite this, doctors and nutritionists are doing a call alert so that each one can take awareness of the harm that sugar can cause to the body and the important thing is to avoid its consumption.
To commit yourself for your health and stop using sugar in the diet can make incredible changes in your body that improve your quality of life. Here are 7 reasons to stop eating this product.

Your body starts to fill

The consumption of sugar suppresses a body hormone called leptin, which is responsible for give us feeling of fullness after eating. The result of this is the insatiable desire to eat and continue feeling the sweet taste.
When you stop eating sugar, the body returns to regulate appetite in an appropriate way and food provide greater sense of satiety, which translates into lower intake of calories and sweet.

You protect your heart

Diets high in sugar or with a charge high Glycemic have been related to the increased risk for heart disease.
Avoid its consumption is a form of care for the heart and control levels of triglycerides, which is a type of fat that stores extra calories from sugar and reduces the effects of good cholesterol.
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Reduces abdominal fat

Sugar is a food that is high in calories, lacking in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Being so poor and nutrient-rich calories, this ingredient accumulates fat and can cause overweight.

A study of the Endocrine Society revealed that the consumption of this food may cause the accumulation of fat in the waist and belly.

You protect your liver

Higado graso
Research published in the journal Nature suggests that the excess of sugar have a negative effect on the liver, similar to that experiment with alcohol.
To avoid its consumption you are avoiding that the liver is overloaded tasks, helping it to function optimally.

You prevent kidney stones

Although ignores it, sugary drinks and generally refined sugar causes an increase of 25% of the risk of kidney stones. The worst is that sugary drinks that are not queue, such as soft drinks, cause up to a 33% risk.
To avoid this problem, must put aside the consumption of these drinks and opt for healthy like the juice or water alternatives.

You protect your brain

Although still lack evidence scientific, some studies have found that the peaks of blood sugar can be a cause of the brain damage that affect memory. It should be noted that in these studies the culprit was the lack of control of sugar in the blood, but not the sugar in a direct way.
However, is known that eating too much sugar is the main cause of the elevation of blood sugar levels.
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You take care of your skin and keep it young

Consuming sugar, activates a process called glycation, which makes this ingredient to protein fibers and cause damage to the skin collagen and elastin.
Cutting the consumption of sugar you are helping take care of the skin and prevent the signs of premature aging.
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