7 signs of a poisoned liver

Your skin is more sensitive than usual. You have itching and discomfort. Also a tiredness and weakness unusual. It is possible that your diseased liver is removing energy
7 signos de un hígado intoxicado
The liver is an organ essential for our body. It is one of the largest, and its functions, ranging from the production of proteins, the metabolism of glucose, iron and cholesterol, until that essential field is the detoxification of any toxin or strange element in our organism. We have to take care of it, but sometimes it offers us symptoms that something is wrong... would like to know the main signs of a poisoned liver ? Teach it to you.

Symptoms of a poisoned liver

With the exception of the brain, the liver is the second most complex organ of our body, hence the need to keep it in good shape and in good health, taking care of those small aspects that help us to keep it healthy. Not only a good diet is the cornerstone of good, our lifestyle habits also outlined his health. A life of active, healthy, where they set aside tobacco, physical inactivity, alcohol or even excessive drug consumption will help us immensely to distance ourselves from these intoxications that tend to make you sick.

1. stomach cramps and swelling

Has you ever happened? Feel especially swollen: hands, ankles, feet, abdomen... firstly tell you that you should not alarm you if one day feel that these symptoms occur you, nothing happens by them some time alone. The problem comes when it is somewhat recurrent. When you feel gas every day, when your digestion become heavy and feel some abdominal pain. They are effects of a liver that doesn't work well, not draining, that not detoxifies and accumulated toxins in our body. We are in danger of ascites, hence if you notice these symptoms are recurrent, you should go as soon as possible to your doctor.

2. change of color in urine and feces

Your urine is more white than usual? are your stools also something pale and sometimes are even small traces of blood? Then, out of doubt the best is go to our doctor. It is true that this type of symptoms may be due to other illnesses, but it is normal that they are associated or either the liver or kidneys. Comentarte that urine, as well as clara also may appear dark because of an accumulation of bilirubin.

3 jaundice

It is perhaps the most obvious symptom and the more we will put on notice. Yellowing skin, eyes, nails, is basically the accumulation that bile pigment called bilirubin, in our organism. This element is essential when it comes to digestion, but when our liver is not working properly, is not able to remove it then, filter out those elements which are no longer useful after digestion. They remain in the body and offer us this yellowish hue as usual in liver diseases.

4. sensitivity on the skin

Continuous, discomfort, itching sensation as if something we Tickle on the inside... so annoying feeling as worrisome is why? basically to the accumulation of toxins in our body such that the liver does not filter and elements that react on our skin. But that Yes, has to be something very common, anyway, in any doubt always will be your doctor who you the diagnosis, because something as common as the itching may also be due to other symptoms.

5. gastric reflux

Feeling of fullness in the stomach, gases that oppress us and don't let us breathe, and, what is worse, reflux amounting to the esophagus in those acids that cause us so much pain and discomfort, are signs often associated with a poisoned liver. And it is as we all know this organ is associated with the digestive process, and if there is a problem is normal that it translates into these common signs. To discard it, to know if is associated or not with a liver problem maybe it is consult our doctor.

6 diarrhea

Dolor de estomago
Very common. What we eat do not often sit well, appears before named gastric acid, we feel pressure, discomfort and are also frequent episodes of diarrhea by a malfunction of the digestive and purifying system. We must take this into account. Obviously with very frequent episodes of diarrhea we run the risk of dehydration, so you see how many times you think. Once a week, two? Like other symptoms stated here, it is possible that it is associated with other diseases, but we must discard.

7. general fatigue

Very characteristic. And not only is tiredness, also is upset, weakness and a feeling of lethargy continued. Our liver is working more than normal, being sick and poisoned strives more and this energy by this essential organ will taking strength from us. We must bear it in mind. You should also see if besides this continued tiredness, you also have any other symptoms of the stated here: fluid retention, poor digestion, stomach pain, itching...
Remember that any doubt, any symptom, it is best to go to our doctor to make us a check. Your health comes first.
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