6 habits that damage our liver

Since our liver regenerates and detoxifies while we sleep, to facilitate this task we must adapt our schedules and go to bed at a reasonable hour
6 hábitos que dañan nuestro hígado
How do we know if we take care properly of our liver? Sometimes commit without knowing it small errors, or carry life habits that are not suitable for the health of our body. Liver is one of the most important and delicate organs: filters out toxins, produces bile, transforms carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins... What if we learn to take care of it a little better?

What can damage our liver?

It is never more to be informed on these issues. The liver is a vital organ in our body, the functions as meets are essential to our health, is why sometimes a small bug can produce us consequences that we will notice immediately. Who not has suffered such a small inflammation?
In addition, if you already suffer from any disease of the liver, it is essential to know what kind of power will allow us to be able to repair it, release it maybe this accumulation of toxins or fats that almost always make him sick. What if we take a small look at those habits that damage our liver? Here we go.

1. high cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of fat that the liver synthesizes and that our organism is commonly used as energy for many of our cells. It is thus an element in basic principle for many components of our body. But there a balance must be. Because cholesterol which is not used, must be removed, and the liver who receives these excesses. In this way, and due to this increase beyond the expected and useful in the liver, we will end up generating certain liver diseases, as it is for example known fatty liver, one of the most common diseases among the population according to who (World Health Organization)
Avoids as red meats, foods with excessive fats, sugars, egg yolk, very seasoned food... sutituyelos by vegetables, fiber, vegetables, whole grains...

2 to fall asleep and wake up late

Lo que los gatos nos pueden enseñar en cuanto a dormir
Surprised / to? Surely Yes. Small our parents always told us that we had going to bed soon, a habit that we will grow we will leaving it well by taste, or obligations. The reality is that our body is designed so that at certain hours of the night, some detoxification processes are carried out. Our lymphatic system, for example, made its detoxification in the first place. About twelve o'clock and two o'clock in the morning, the liver makes yours. They are processes that are conducted in a proper way only when we are deeply asleep. If we break these natural cycles of our body in usual manner, we will end up feeling it. Try to to the extent that you can follow a schedule and, first and foremost get a rest RESTful.

3. not urinating in the morning

Surely this also surprises you. But there are people who are raised with great hurry and leave home with the idea of breakfast or a coffee at work, and then there, look for a bathroom to evacuate calmly. It is a dangerous habit. Hold urination not only may damage our liver, also our kidneys. don't do it never!

4. no breakfast

When we wake up, our energy reserves of glucose are very low. It is a State that affects our liver, preventing him to get power to meet their essential functions. There are also many people who, or fast to lose weight (big mistake), either because they are in a hurry, neglect the important moment of the breakfast. Not you have overlooked, don't forget this essential part of your nutrition, your body, your liver and your brain, they need this contribution of essential energy to start the day.

5. poor diet

Que son las grasas saturadas y en que alimentos se encuentran
Sometimes it is due to lack of time. Our work or obligations. It is easier to resort to quick or industrial food because meets us and saving us time. But in the long run, our health will suffer until one day, comes the inevitable. The disease. The liver is very sensitive to bad food, the combination of sodium, calories, sugar, salt... will lead in an increase of blood pressure, cholesterol, the incidence of fatty liver disease called. Liver dysfunctions are the most often result from a nutrition inadequate and high in fat, high in harmful elements that sick it and passing us invoice. Keep that in mind.

6. alcoholic beverages

We know it. There are no more harmful element to our liver alcohol. Find it difficult to process it, harmful for him prevents him from meeting its basic functions, thus breaking its chemical equilibrium, destroying its liver cells, and passing, from fatty, liver cirrhosis or hepatitis... Drink a small glass of wine a day is recommended and healthy, but for the sake of our health not worth overdo with the always dangerous alcohol.
Then apply these simple guidelines to improve your lifestyle. It costs you nothing, and your health will thank. Take care of your liver, takes care of your life!
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