5 tips to overcome sagging

As well as improving your diet, it is essential to have a very careful with the Sun, since over-exposure will cause the loss of collagen and hydration and firmness
5 consejos para vencer la flacidez
We know it, there is nothing more annoying than that sagging in our arms or our waistlines. Occasionally, our weight changes Act promoting his appearance, we lose fat, but the skin is slightly loose and without the tonacidad that we had. The passage of time, a wrong diet, are factors that also originate it, why want to bring you a few tips to give front sagging.

Steps to deal with sagging

According to experts, one of the main causes of the appearance of sagging is undoubtedly bad food. We tend sometimes to follow a certain type of diets where the lower weight, what we do is also losing water and, subsequently, muscle mass. The weight loss because it originates than many areas of our body such as the arms, buttocks, abdomen or thighs, appear soft by this lack of water and fitness, with which the skin containing before also our fat, now appears flaccid and fall.
Let's see then what actions can start, or habits of life can be improved to combat annoying and unsightly sagging.

1. foods that strengthen your muscles and burn fat

This combination is essential not only to lose weight, but for do it properly without losing too much water and remove strength and resistance to our muscles. It is these which contribute strongly to our body, who play an essential role with our bones and joints. If we care for them and strengthen through good nutrition will avoid the flaccidity. Important to keep in mind: when you take out a diet, take care that what you are missing is fat and not muscle mass.
  • Appropriate proteins: proteins are essential to strengthen the muscle. There are people that when they start a diet decide to dispense with them thinking that they make us gain weight. It is a big mistake, you should include them for a varied and balanced nutrition. The protein most recommended can encontralas for example in eggs, in lean, such as chicken or Turkey meat. The salmon is also excellent for a good supply of proteins, as well as almonds.
  • Apples: do not hesitate, apples with skin, are more than excellent resources to get protein and help to burn fat. According to a study by the University of Iowa, ursolic acid, present in the skin of the apples, helps to promote the growth of muscles, at the same time allowing us to burn more calories.

2. the importance of antioxidants

Antioxidants are the best resource to combat the action of free radicals, who gradually age our skin favouring sagging. Further, vitamin C contained in many of them allow us to speed up metabolism and burn "fat", never muscle. I.e. this type of fruit consumed in regular mode, will allow us to promote the smoothness and firmness of the skin, repair it, care for it and burn those fats that are harmful and which are not useful for the body.
The red fruits are ideal for a good supply of antioxidants and vitamin C, as well as the Orange and the lemon. Provide us collagen in addition, essential to maintain skin firmness. Get ready as long as can a good breakfast with them, good natural juices that always you will benefit thanks to its wonderful contribution of vitamins and minerals.

3. no to junk food and high-fat

Los riesgos de consumir comida rapida
It is a no-brainer, we all know it. But sometimes the junk food is a quick and easy resource when we don't have time, or when, simply we have anxiety and want to get pleasure from eating us a cake, for example. And it is a mistake, all this we lead not only to gain weight, but they also include high levels of salt and sugar in our meals, inflames us, makes us to accumulate fluids and perdermos irreparably the firmness of the skin. So you know to avoid them!

4. Beware of the Sun!

Surprised? At all. We know that the Sun is necessary for our health, to synthesize Vitamin D, for example but too many hours exposed to it which will cause is that our natural collagen go disappearing, lose moisture, and with it the firmness of our skin. So avoid always soak up the Sun in the most intense hours in which the rays are more intense (from 12 h to 16 h).

5 exercises to combat flaccidity

The best will be certainly those dedicated to correct sagging of the areas where you need it most. If you have more sagging at the waist and abdomen always are indicated for example the flexions, stretches. If you wish to harden legs and buttocks, dedicated at least one hour to walk to step quickly, cycling or swimming. Are small daily efforts that, along with a good diet will allow us to gradually improve our tonacidad and correct the sagging. Requires some effort, we know it, but nothing is impossible if we put a little bit of will. What if we start today the same?
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