5 signs of a weakened immune system

Weariness and continuous colds and sore throats can be a symptom of a weak immune system

5 Síntomas de un sistema inmunológico debilitado

The immune system is the mechanism available to our body to fend off viruses, bacteria and many types of diseases. Occasionally, tends to weaken: poor diet, stress, or some kind of condition, can avoid to fulfill its core functions. But what are the warning signs? Don't worry, we explain them to you.

How do I know that my immune system is weak?

The immune system is our defense, our "immune response", to specific external agents that can come into us and hurt us. The managers work together to protect our body composed of a network of cells, tissues and organs, they are. For sure you know, these protective cells are called leukocytes or white blood cells, responsible for attacking those organisms that cause diseases to us precisely. These cells are located in the thymus, spleen and bone marrow. They are called "lymph organs".
If, for the reason that we have at any given time of a low level of white blood cells, will stop to cope with these external elements that make us sick. It is important to be alert to a certain type of signals, so that, immediately, our physician determines the origin of the weakness and we can cope, then see signs.

1 fatigue

It is true that fatigue can have many causes. But when is continuous, when to get up for example in the morning already we feel exhausted, when before small efforts we have just rendered, when temperature differences for example produce us crash, dizziness... etc, is already a symptom to take into account.

2. frequent infections

Urine, stomach infections, for example have always inflamed gums and red, often suffer diarrhea... are examples that our immune system does not front as it should to external agents that enter our body. It does not give the right answer and we can not defend against certain viruses or bacteria.

3 colds, flu, sore throats

evitar resfriarse

How many colds usually you have? One each month? Does your throat hurt always? You can risk giving you right away with the you flus? Then visit your doctor so that do you a test and check your level of white blood cells. Perhaps your immune system is not you defending as it should.

4 allergies

There are people suffering rallergic eacciones in more frequent than other way. They may not respond to certain influences of pollen, dust, agents of its around which impact on our skin or in our mucous membranes, and immediately, affecting their health. If this is your case you might also have a weak immune system.

5 wounds that are slow to heal

It is possible that when you get a cut or a simple rash, there continue uncured at the end of the day. The wounds do not end up cured, but infected, swollen and hurt us. Is it why? If this happens to you bring it out with your doctor.

Learn how to strengthen your immune system


1 be careful of your diet

A good diet is synonymous with good health. But sometimes we continue only when we are already experiencing a problem, when we are sick. It is necessary to keep a nutrition varied and balanced at all times, rich in fruits, vegetables and lean, and low protein in excess of sugar, fats and alcohol. Citrus fruits are always a great help, so you do not neglect your consumption of oranges, tangerines, papayas, grapes, tomatoes...

2 enough sleep

Get a quiet and restful, sleep is essential to keep strong our immune system, to allow to recover energy and meets their essential functions. Insomnia, concerns that force us to wake us up constantly, are enemies of your health.

3. hygiene and cleaning

We also know that, but sometimes we can be neglected. Washing your hands before eating, before handling food, after touching animals, after becoming street or work... E it is important to also take care of the cleaning of our food. Wash well vegetables you want to Cook, soak in water and remove any... all this is essential to protect our immune system.

5 properly handled the stress

Stress is not just an emotion, if it becomes chronic it can bring serious problems. Accumulate toxins in our body, it weakens our immune system, we get sick... So keep that in mind. Set priorities, learn to love yourself, to find your time, to do things for you.
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