11 healing uses of onion

11 Usos curativos de la cebolla
Onion is a vegetable with more applications today, normally is consumed raw, cooked and as a culinary spice.
The only negative aspect which has onion is given since it contains volatile sulfurous essences that give it a spicy flavor, these essences upon entering the nose cause a tearing, but is definitely a food that should be included in the daily live through meals.
Qualities include: high action against rheumatism, protects the kidneys and joints, also dissolves the uric acid which causes gout disease, helps prevent osteoporosisand also protects the cardiovascular system.
It due to the amount of phosphorus that possesses, stimulates the memory and learning, is of low energy and very rich in minerals. Thanks to its high content in vitamins A and C protects the body and serves as a diuretic, helping the hypertension and the Elimination of toxins; It is good against anemia by providing iron, phosphorus and minerals such as zinc, protects the heart, reduces blood pressure and raises good cholesterol.
Then we'll show you some of the most popular and beneficial the onion uses

Respiratory diseases

Onion serves for all types of respiratory as flu, bronchitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis, for its antibacterial and immunological properties.
25 grams of onion cut into pieces in a glass of milk boil. Eat this mixture in fasting and before going to bed. Or boil an onion in two cups of water for 1 hour, add a bit of honey and sugar, take it three times a day.


These sulphurous essences which we talked about earlier are excellent for moments of faintness helping that person recover soon knowledge.


If you have problems with your vos, 20 g of onion in 250 ml of milk boil for 10 minutes, take a glass in the morning and another at night. You can also gargle with this substance often possible in the day.


Remedios caseros para tratar el dolor de oidos
To soothe an earache while you go to the doctor, you can pour a little juice of onion in a cotton and put it in your ears. You get the onion juice putting an egg onion in the microwave during one or two minutes, let it cool and then spread the cotton.

Intestinal worms

The onion provides great benefits in combating intestinal worms, especially in children. You can cut an onion large in various parts, leave to soak in a cup of water overnight and take the liquid on an empty stomach, or boiling onion in milk, consumed 3 tablespoons in the morning and three in the evening.


Although there are already many products on the market for this problem, it is try to rub an onion on the scalp, helps stimulate hair growth and prevent its fall. You can also put pieces of onion in the shampoo you use daily for best results.
The Onion is composed of sulfur also it is used to eliminate dandruff.

It removes stains

The Onion is recommended for the removal of stains on the face, so you stroking an onion in the face, preferably at night. In addition to cleaning the face leave it soft and smooth.


The loss of sleep can be given by many factors such as stress, bad habits, or others. Prepares a dish of salad onion with oil, lemon, and little salt, eat it for dinner, the idea is causing you much sleep.

Cramping menstrual

Nothing more common and crippling cramps menstrual, if you frequently suffer from these pains boiling 250 g of onion in 1 liter of milk for 15 minutes. Drink a glass every three hours.


Onion helps reduce the formation of clots in the blood, avoiding diseases like arteriosclerosis, cholesterol, hypertension, angina pectoris and others.


The Onion is used to decrease allergic reactions like burns and stings, wet the affected area with onion juice, or rub an onion for about 10 minutes in the injured area.
You do know other benefits?
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