11 daily habits that damage the brain

Besides being harmful to our lungs, tobacco decreases the brain mass and reduces the supply of oxygen to the brain, favoring the emergence of neurodegenerative diseases
11 Hábitos cotidianos que dañan el cerebro
Don't know what happens: you feel tired, you can not concentrate, you forget things, but the strange thing is that it only happens when you perform certain actions as waking up early and not eat anything until the afternoon or you too stressed at work... the problem is that you are forgetting to care for an essential part of your body: the brain.
Everything we do affects our body in a certain way and what is most certain activities impede the normal functioning of the brain and even damage its structure. Now imagine that you repeat these actions every day for years and years you understand what is happening? Your own habits are killing your brain! But don't worry, you're still in time, changing your lifestyle you can ensure your brain and body health. In this article I will discuss about those terrible everyday habits that damage the brain.

My brain and I

Our brain is an extremely complex and delicate organ that is involved directly or indirectly in all bodily processes: regulates homeostatic functions such as the beating of the heart, fluid balance, blood pressure, hormonal balance and body temperature and is responsible for the movement, cognition, learning, memory and human emotions. It is no wonder then that the lifestyle that we influence significantly in its correct operation and, therefore, in our overall health.
According to numerous scientific studies the way in which our existence we can damage short-or long-term brain cells and, therefore, functions performed, leads to the development of degenerative diseases and many other conditions. On the other hand do positive activities such as a balanced diet and physical exercise activates the brain and makes it healthy. So we put hands to work and let's find out what the 11 daily habits that damage the brain.

11 damaging my brain everyday habits

1. no breakfast

Desayunar bien te ayuda a tener energía
Breakfast is the most important of the day meal, since significantly influences our performance, strength and emotional situation. During the first hours of the day our brain requires nutrients to continue to "lead" the physiological processes after the long fasting which has undergone. If we do not supply you need will use reserves and have to do a strain to maintain its correct operation. The absence of the breakfast may cause general decay, loss of concentration and memory, bad humor and low physical and intellectual performance. Breakfast of hearty and healthy way.

2. smoking

Terrible smoking cessation significantly reduces the brain mass as well as the supply of oxygen to the brain and found that it favors the emergence of neurodegenerative diseases as Alzheimer's disease. On the other hand the heterocyclic amines released during the combustion of a cigarette interfere with correct replication of DNA leading to mutations that cause the formation of cancerous cells.

3. high consumption of sugars

The predominance of refined sugars, white flour, fried foods sausages in our diet as there is a lack of sufficient quantities of vegetables, fruits and fiber, favors the accumulation of harmful substances in our body, power the development of tumors, hinders the functioning of the immune system, cause malnutrition and interfere with the Neurologic development.

4. constant exposure to contaminated environments

The brain requires a constant supply of oxygen, but various toxic substances can interfere with gas exchange, transport and the process of incorporation of oxygen to the cells, resulting in a decrease in brain efficiency.

5 little sleep

You need to sleep 8 hours a day so that your brain rests, properly made with the consequent obtaining of energy metabolic processes, as well as cell renewal. Deprived of sleep accelerates the death of brain cells in the short term and keeps you tired and in a bad mood all day.

6 eat more

Eating foods that our bodies don't need causes the accumulation of the surplus in the form of fats and the hardening of the brain arteries which intervenes in its proper performance.

7 alcohol

Alcohol can wreak havoc on all organs, mainly the nervous system, the liver and the heart, interferes in the chemical reactions that occur in the brain. In addition alcoholism causes death of neurons and decreases the speed of transmission of nerve impulses between them.

8. violent reactions or premature stress

Stress causes multiple reactions in our nervous system, some of which cause a decrease in mental capacity, as well as increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

9 cover the head while sleeping

Sleeping with the head covered increases the concentration of carbon dioxide and decreases of oxygen, which can cause harmful effects on the brain.

10 force to the brain during a disease

Much work or study strongly being sick is harmful, since your body's energy is diverted toward healing. Forcing the brain during this stage can result in a decrease in efficiency, in addition to further weaken your immune system, facilitating the appearance of various diseases.

11 lack of stimuli and mental exercises

Nothing like thinking, intelligent conversations, read a book or do a crossword puzzle to stimulate our brains: increases the ability of learning and memory, as well as the speed of response to stimuli.

A final piece of advice

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, it cares for your brain:
  • Eat properly incorporating delicious fruits and vegetables that will stimulate brain activity. Intake of omega-3-rich fish, is also recommended fat that favours communication between neurons.
  • Take three or four cups of tea or coffee cups of coffee a day will improve your short and long term memory and minimize the potential of that suffer Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.
  • Performs physical exercises regularly.
  • Avoid drugs, tobacco and alcohol.
  • You need sleep.
  • Fill yourself with positive thoughts.
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