What are the causes of type II diabetes?

With our medical guidelines, proper treatment and a healthy lifestyle can control type II diabetes and learn to live with it.
¿Cuáles son las causas de la diabetes tipo II?
Type II diabetes is one of the most common diseases that affect thousands of people in the world and one of which spreads more quickly, while it is not contagious is considered the epidemic of the 21st century, since it can have disabling consequences, and in the worst cases, if it is not properly controlled It can cause death.
Very likely a your around there are many people known yours that suffer from this disease, so it is worth clarifying that there are several types of diabetes:
  • Diabetes type l, also called diabetes youth, this is a congenital condition.
  • type II diabetes, this type of diabetes occurs in the majority of cases by a bad lifestyle, since in these times people feed badly, either for lack of time or simply because it is easy and inexpensive.

What is type II diabetes?

This disease until a few years ago only adult sufferers and was known as adult diabetes. Which is produced by the resistance that has insulin to metabolize blood sugar, this together with the decrease of insulin in the pancreas.
The sum of these two factors causes the amount of sugar in the blood increase dramatically taking the name of hyperglycemia, such a condition in the long run is causing damage to important consideration to different organs of the body, such as the kidneys, the heart; It can cause blindness and problems to heal wounds and heal. In these times is common, unfortunately, to see that children and young adolescents suffer from this disease.
At present still not found a cure, but with proper treatment, faithfully following indications that makes the prescribing physician and a drastic change in lifestyle (mostly food), type II diabetes patients can learn to control and live with this disease that will be his companion for the rest of his days.

What are the causes of type II diabetes?

Type II diabetes in the majority of cases It is presented by a poor diet and lack of exercise.
More than ninety percent of those suffering from type II diabetes are overweight, is quite clear that people who have obesity and fat is concentrated primarily in the area of the stomach are very likely to suffer from this disease.
If in addition to having overweight is not performed any type of physical activity that can burn calories that remain, the risks of diabetes increase considerably. There is also the genetic risk of acquiring diabetes, i.e. If someone in the family has the disease is better to use extreme care since you can get it your inheritance.
People who regularly eat foods high in carbohydrates and sugars and have low consumption of fruits and vegetables have the perfect condition for acquiring the disease.
Today is more easy for most people to eat badly, it is very simple and inexpensive to acquire and enjoy calls food scrap, furthermore they are everywhere and all the time, offering super affordable prices that draw attention and without thinking about health are chosen, If an effort is made and provides a healthier diet safely avoided suffering this disease.
If people don't care and don't take enough awareness of what it means for health suffering from this disease, of the serious consequences that can bring, as a progressive loss of vision, kidney failure, amputation of limbs for poor circulation, and many other problems, the epidemic will not stop and every day the number of people affected will be much greater which is rather worrying.
We look forward to getting to know the main causes of this disease and the serious consequences that causes animes you to implement many more healthy habits that keep you away from type II diabetes. Will also be a good idea if you share this knowledge with family and friends who may be at risk.
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