Tips to relieve constipation

It is very important that you make physical activity daily to stimulate the different functions of the organs, including the bowel movement
Consejos para aliviar el estre├▒imiento
Constipation can affect you at any time of your life and at any age, so first that all must identify when suffering from it, i.e. If you do less than three bowel movements per week you suffer from constipation, equally if you becomes painful evacuated. However, these drawbacks come with bloating and stomach pain.
To summarize things a little more, this is mainly due to sometimes bowel movements have long in the colon, making it difficult to eliminate, and the main causes of this are:
  • Sedentary lifestyle, to make your body and each of your organizations run at perfection necessary that you keep an active life and you exercise.
  • It low consumption of fiber, this is the most common cause of constipation, fiber consumption is extremely important to the proper functioning of the colon.
  • Changing habits, is very normal constipation occur when you change your House or are traveling, also when you eat foods that your body is not accustomed to receiving on a daily basis.
Now, learn some tips you have you relive constipation easily and securely:



As stated above, it is necessary that the body is in constant motion to stimulate the different roles of the agencies, this is walking, running or swimming at least 30 minutes a day.

Des not pending

Constipation can also occur because often endures is the desire to go to the bathroom, don't wait long time after that you feel need to evacuate.

Avoid processed foods


What are sausages, food scraps, other "junk" food and French fries, tries to avoid them 100%. These foods can know you very rich, but unfortunately they cause irritation in the colon, which causes that this does not work perfectly.

Avoid the cheese

Dairy products such as ice cream, cheese and milk contains a protein called casein, which worsens constipation colon irritating.

Do not take any laxative

Although we can get laxatives at any pharmacy, best thing is to go to the doctor and he recommended us one special according to the need of our body and the Advanced is constipation.

Eat lots of fruit

Laxantes naturales

The vast majority of fruits you serve out of constipation, however it is recommended to eat the whole fruit, do not remove you the shell so that the fiber is not to be missed.
  • For example the papaya contains enzymes that help improve digestion, so it is good to eat a piece every day and fasting.
  • Orange juice is also recommended to accelerate the digestive functioning, take it daily and fasting.

Apple Cider vinegar

The idea of this mixture is to achieve an effect natural laxative, mix a tablespoon of vinegar for Apple Cider with a little honey in water. You do not exceed your consumption, okay if you drink it once a week.

Dried fruits

frutos secos The Travelling Bum

Like fruits, dried fruit give the body a good amount of fiber, berries, plums and raisins are some fruits that you can benefit.

Olive oil

Increasing the use of olive oil to relieve various ailments of the body, seeks to take on fasting a cup of hot water with some lemon and a tablespoon of olive oil, this would improve your digestion and can even help you lose weight.


Frijol Hierro

As know you, the body needs fiber to make the digestive system work properly, beans can provide fiber and that, not only is a rich source of proteins and vitamins, provides iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium.


Eat an Apple every day can help you to evacuate with regularity, Apple shell serves as an antioxidant, also contains fiber and performs a clean bowel to be consumed, it is recommended to consume it regularly.
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