Tips for taking care of our heart

Consejos para cuidar nuestro corazón
We must care for the health of our body and especially care for the proper functioning of our heart. This is why we have to be aware that the food we are consuming daily are the ones who determine the quality of our health, and this will be reflected in our face, in as we are and we feel the same way you will notice in the performance of all and each one of our internal organs.
A healthy diet will prevent that later we are suffering from a cardiovascular disease.

What food I have to avoid?

First of all we must avoid, or failing that, strictly moderating the consumption of fried foods, all containing fat, like dairy, whole fat meat, chicken, bacon, skin are all harmful fats for our hearts; all the sausages, are equally harmful since they have much presence of fat.
We must also avoid, or better eliminate alcohol consumption, this is ultimately fatal to promote cardiovascular disease.

Which foods keep my heart healthy?

If we are aware of our well-being and that of people we love, we have to bear in mind always that we must guard our hearts of the possibility to suffer from cardiovascular disease; This can control it to eating healthy foods, those that provide all our body the nutrients they need to have a healthy body and a healthy mind; Although it is clear that we will only succeed eating lots of fruits and vegetables.
-Fruits provide the vitamins and minerals; It is important to increase the consumption of these in the diet, so it is healthy to eat fruit at each meal and between meals, rather than take a coffee or tea with a biscuit.
-Vegetables are essential for a healthy diet, you should not miss on the two main meals and can be cooked, or raw in salad.
-The chicken without skin, roasted grilled or cooked. Beef can be eaten but has to be free of grease.
-The fish is rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which help to reduce triglycerides and decrease the thrombotic tendencies.
-Dried fruits, eat nuts and almonds and about four or five times per week, helps us to reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease.
-The garlic consumed daily helps to lower levels of bad cholesterol, and antithrombotic effects,
-Dark chocolate provides antioxidants, reduces blood pressure and it is delicious.
-He came to red it is recommended to take one or two drinks daily, it is a powerful antioxidant and helps to increase good cholesterol.

And what about alcohol?

There are those who say that taken moderately, that is, one or two glasses a week, it may be beneficial for circulation. Although it would be very bold on my part to ensure such a concept, since I have not tested it, and only is part of a series of comments that are made between friends, but in no way is something confirmed. What is certain is that take it too much it becomes completely detrimental, and will not only be the enemy of the heart but also of mental health.
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