Symptoms of lung cancer you should know

Síntomas del cáncer de pulmón que debes conocer
Lung cancer is, unfortunately, more incidence presents in the population and affects men and women equally. It is this disease that we could already categorized as the most feared, that we all know by that it suffers from a friend, a family member...
Can it be prevented? Since then. Is it synonymous with death lung cancer? At all. While mortality rates are very high, we can safely say that could avoid much of these losses are if we acquiring better habits of life, and that almost 70% of this disease would be avoided if we had not fallen into the pernicious habit of tobacco.
Lung cancer occurs mostly in people who smoke, in patients who have quit smoking recently and also, albeit with less impact on the so-called "passive smokers".
Now let's see what are the main symptoms of this disease since, as you know, in all pathology associated with cancer, the forecast and quickly identify their signs, is vital.

Symptoms of lung cancer you should know

The main problem of lung cancer is that most people pay attention to the symptoms when they are already particularly serious, as it is the case of cough with blood. People who smoke are accustomed to coughing, feeling some heaviness in the chest, or even to feel tired from time to time.
I.e. most of the time the primary signs that are associated with these early cancer cells merge with the simple effects of tobacco and not given them attention, until, unfortunately, the disease is more advanced. Hence the importance of periodic if one is smoking.
For those who are not smokers and, for reasons that are exposed to contaminated environments, homes where there are people who smoke or work scenarios with smoke or other elements which can be inhaled, it is vital that they also pass through regular revisions to prevent any problem. In the case of persons non-smokers, the symptomatology tends to be more clear.
However, let's see the main symptoms associated with lung cancer.

1 characteristics of persons with increased risk of developing lung cancer

The American Association against cancer provides a series of parameters that describe cases with a higher risk of developing this disease and that, therefore, we should take into account:
  • Person aged 55 to 72 years.
  • Have been smoking for 15 years in a row, no matter that in recent years has left him.
  • Have smoked between 10 and 40 cigarettes a day over 15 years in a row.

2 fatigue

Fatigue is a very confusing symptom to which nobody pays special attention, especially smokers, for whom it is normal to feel some fatigue morning, or getting tired too much while some exercise. However, it is important to look at whether that fatigue, far of occasional, becomes something persistent which, in turn, is accompanied by other symptoms.

3. cough

Tos seca
What smoking is not accustomed to coughing regularly? It is something normal. In spite of this, you will have to look if whenever you cough, feel some pain in the chest and even if, in doing so, appear phlegm or even blood. Do not hesitate to call your health care provider immediately if this happens to you.
Hemoptysis (coughing blood) is originated by that wound that a tumor can be causing in our Airways, but anyway, in the first place should be discarded not due, for example, to other types of disease, such as tuberculosis.
As you have pointed out before, lung cancer also may appear in people who are not smokers. For them, it is easier to perceive these changes, as the persistent cough that we do not know what is due, that fatigue that requires us to having to find a Chair at every moment...

4. pain in the chest

Dolor en el pecho mujer
The chest pain is a very characteristic sign of lung cancer. We feel some heaviness in the chest and, in addition, discomfort when breathing due to possible problems in the pleura or ribs because of the disease.

5 the appetite loss

dietas extremas
Unexplained weight loss, or stop hunger / appetite are two signs that we must be convinced to go to the doctor. Lose your appetite may be due to many causes, never it is more attend a medical consultation to rule out more serious things.
To conclude, you indicate that this type of diseases prevention will always be our main weapon. You never trust nor with that of "as I have stopped smoking and there is no danger", because this is not true. Our lungs have already been exposed to these harmful elements present in tobacco and, therefore, we can feel its consequences still.
Also indicate you that in recent years the lung cancer is affecting in greater numbers to women. the reason? We are we who we have "amateur" in recent decades to a greater degree the habit of tobacco than men. Something really inappropriate.
Remember, finally, that non-smokers are also exposed to this danger, for example, when we are on stage with smoke or other pollutants. Keep that in mind!
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