Stressed? Gets the inner balance with these foods

¿Estresada? Consigue el equilibrio interior con estos alimentos
Do you have a few very busy days? Work and your family you demand more and more and you don't know what to do? Stop a moment and takes air. You're stressed and it's time to acknowledge it. A series of biochemical changes that are affecting your health, so you must take action before it is late are happening in your body.
Be aware that we are suffering from stress and that we are submitting to the limit of our forces is without doubt, the first step to establish strategies for improvement. Reminds that, in addition to properly manage all these negative emotions and understand what are the real priorities in your life, is important also "care inside".
It is for this reason that today in our space we want to discover you are those foods that should not miss from now on your day to day. Take note!

1. Yes, nuts

frutos secos steffenz
There is something that we must never forget: the States of stress alter the biochemistry of the brain, and this explains, for example, us obsesionemos by certain things, to see everything very negative and that even a situation of stress long maintained in time will lead to depression.
Foods help counteract those biochemical changes, and dried fruits are great allies to favour them. Want to know what nuts are we talking about?
  • Almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts: these nuts are rich in vitamin B, which has the amazing property of improve the mood. What it does is regulate the release of serotonin in our brains, an important neurotransmitter that helps us to facilitate communication between neurons. If there is a deficit or imbalance, it increases anxiety, nervousness, we have sleep problems...
The day you can consume 2 nuts, 3 almonds and hazelnuts 5. It would be nice to take them in the early hours of the day.

2. Banana for stress

Doctors and nutritionists consider banana the best fruit, ideal for fighting that everyday anxiety that we tend to suffer. You will learn what are their main properties:
  • The banana is rich in vitamin A and vitamin B, favoring the balance of many of these neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, that make you feel stressed.
  • In addition to being very rich in calcium and magnesium, the banana is, above all, rich in potassium. Thanks to this element regulates the electrical charge of the neurons, preventing that has alterations and, with them, increase our nervousness, that our hearts be expedited or us to be more sensitive to certain stimuli.
  • Banana is also very rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that helps us to synthesize proteins, also regulate the levels of serotonin and, above all, to favour the balance of the hormone melatonin, which is very important to synchronize the cycles of wakefulness and sleep.

3 dark chocolate

Did you expect that appeared the chocolate on this list? So it is! However, it should be a nuance, it's "dark chocolate without sugar".
Remember, whenever you feel stressed, it would be ideal to take you in the bag one ounce of dark chocolate (about 28 grams). In addition to delicious and satiating, it can help you with these dimensions:
  • The dark chocolate is rich in magnesium and phenylethylamine, a precursor of serotonin, which, as you know, helps to regulate that brain biochemistry that favors anxiety and negative thoughts when you're stressed.
And remember, always be dark chocolate without sugar!

4. salmon

Salmon is ideal for a dinner. If you prepare it in the oven with a splash of lemon juice, some asparagus and a little steamed broccoli, you will enjoy a meal as healthy as adequate to treat our stress levels. The reason for this is based on the following aspects:
  • Their fatty omega-3 acids, which, in addition to fighting inflammation, help us to reduce the level of cortisol in the body. As you may know, this hormone is the cause of many of our vital functions being altered, causing the heart rate, stress, which we suffer to lift up digestive problems, etc.
It would therefore be very appropriate that you took two or three times a week between salmon or any fish as, for example, sardines. According to numerous studies, this type of foods high in fatty acids omega 3 may reduce our stress level up to 20%.

5. the white yogurt

yogur griego
Natural and sugar-free yogurt is one of the best probiotics we can take, very suitable, for example, for breakfast mixed with a piece of fruit and some nuts.
  • Probiotics help to reduce any swelling and regulate our digestion and intestinal transit, which, as you know, tend to be altered when we are suffering from stress.
  • In addition to this important information, we can not forget that this type of dairy products are very suitable for the nervous system, since they are rich in proteins and favor in turn is to synthesize tryptophan. This amino acid, as I have commented before, helps to regulate the level of serotonin.
Don't forget to then include all of these foods in your diet when you feel stressed.
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